Council Meeting Minutes – April 2019

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at 7:15pm on Thursday 4th April 2019 at the Cornerhouse Club Leeds.

1. Attendance. J. Aldersley President in the chair with M. Murray, H. Kingswell, A. Kibler, G. Roper, S. Stacey, A. Rogers, J. Bentley, G. Toulson, J. Shergill.

2. Apologies for absence. R. Town, I. Blakeley, K. Hegarty, J. Burton, I. Scholes.

3. Minutes from the Previous Meeting. Minutes dated 7th March 2019 were approved and signed.

4. Matters Arising. Mr. Aldersley said he would discuss with John Pankhurst regarding a joint quiz with the Keighley Association, 3 Keighley members had attended the LAE annual dinner. Mr. Toulson said he would produce a revised letterhead and Mr. Kibler said he would circulate the letterhead. Mr. Toulson said he would also create a new membership form. Mr. Aldersley mention Mr. Town had been poorly and would not be able to attend the annual dinner and hoped to be at the AGM at the end of April.

5. Treasurers Report. There were still 3 outstanding dinner payments due.

6. Correspondence. None.

7. Membership. New member – Adam Cullen from Shipley, Mr. Murray proposed and Mr. Scholes seconded. Mr. Toulson suggested we remind members if they subscribe on the website homepage they will receive email updates on forthcoming events.

8. Annual Church Service. Arranged for the 12th May 2019 at Leeds Parish Church at 10:30am followed by a meal at Palace Hotel courtesy of the LAE.

9. Current Programme. Mr. Murray had visited the Five Rise Locks in Bingley. He was concerned traffic could be busy at rush hour. He said he would also look for a suitable pub for a meal afterwards. There is no meeting planned for May other than the council meeting. Mr. Toulson said he would chase up the Lettershop Group and he had also left a message with the MD of Weidman Whitely. Cummins Turbo was a possible visit for next session. Mr. Bentley mentioned he would contact Darlington Loco for a possible September lecture. Mr. Aldersley mentioned Anchor Carpets, and a phosphor bronze brush manufacturer he had dealings with for next session visits. In addition Bradtool and Bowers could be possible next session visits. Ms. Burton had suggested she could host a visit or lecture to Mr. Aldersley.

10. Website. Mr. Toulson had renewed the website hosting at a cost of £64.16. Photography shots of Mr. Roper and Ms. Burton were required for the website council page.

11. YouTube. Mr. Aldersley had spoken with Tom regarding the YouTube video and he was hoping this would be uploaded soon and he was hoping Tom would attend the AGM. Mr. Kingswell and Mr. Toulson mentioned account information for any YouTube account should be made available to the LAE for future editing and reviewing comments and viewing figures.

12. Golf. Mr. Stacey mentioned Gerry Allen may attend the AGM. There were 31 players last year. New rules this year set out a new handicap figure, a maximum of 54 however a maximum of handicap of 24 will be played for those with no official figure. The trophy had been polished ready for presentation. Mr. Aldersley said he would email Drakes who are a corporate member and remind them of the golf date. Mr. Town should be invited to the golf meal.

13. Annual Dinner. Mr. Kibler stated that 44 people had attended the meal, down from 68 last year. With no member of the church attending to select a charity Mr. Kibler suggested Cancer Research and the committee agreed. A picture quiz would be held on famous people of Leeds and key buildings. The start time would be 7:30pm with a free first drink from the bar.

14. Any Other Business. A summer visit was considered with a discussion to take place at the next council meeting in May. Having no other business Mr. Aldersley closed the meeting.


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