Council Meeting Minutes – April 2022

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at 7.15pm on Thursday 7th April 2022 at The Corner House Club Moortown, Leeds LS17 6QE.

1. Attendance. R. Town in the chair with, A. Kibler, M. Murray, G. Roper, I. Scholes, J. Bentley, A. Rogers, B. Yates and G. Toulson.

2. Apologies for absence. S. Stacey, J. Aldersley, J. Burton, H. Kingswell, J. Shergill & I.Blakeley.

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. Dated 3rd March 2022 were approved and signed.

4. Matters Arising. None.

5. Treasurers Report. Mr. Kibler reported the following transactions :-

4/Mar/22 Dinner – Francis Atkinson 0.00 50.00
4/Mar/22 Dinner – Malcolm Murray 0.00 50.00
4/Mar/22 Paid in as one Subs – Michael Rhodes NEW 0.00 20.00
Subs – J Finn 0.00 30.00
Subs – H Kingswell 0.00 15.00
Dinner – Graham Roper & flowers for Ken 0.00 25.00
Dinner – Jas Shergill 0.00 25.00
5/Mar/22 Donation to Steam bike 250.00
8/Mar/22 Dinner – Howard Kingswell 0.00 50.00
9/Mar/22 Dinner – Steve Stacey 0.00 50.00
11/Mar/22 Dinner – Ian Scholes 0.00 50.00
Dinner – Ian Blakeley 0.00 50.00
12/Mar/22 Dinner – Tony Mathers 0.00 50.00
14/Mar/22 Cash for waitress tips 50.00
14/Mar/22 Dinner – M Batchelor + subs + other 0.00 90.00
17/Mar/22 Dinner raffle prizes 23.00
24/Mar/22 Dinner – S. Gledhill table 0.00 225.00
25/Mar/22 Dinner – J Aldersley 0.00 50.00

Mr. Kibler reported the status of the association’s bank accounts, but this does not appear in the minutes because they are open to public view on the internet.

6. Correspondence. None.

7. Membership. A member remarked on the contribution that Gerry Allen has made to the association, introducing new members and being a strong supporter of the golf tournament over many years. Mr. Murray advised that he has been a member since 1987. Council discussed this and decided to ask Mr. Stacey (Hon. Golf Secretary) for his views and if he would like to propose Mr. Allen as an Honorary Member. Mr.Yates had emailed Matt Harker of Rolls Royce after he had expressed an interest in joining the association. He noted that this could be an introduction which could lead to a possible prestige lecture for the next session.

8. Current Programme. The next event is the Annual Dinner to be held on Saturday 9th April. Subsequent events arranged are the AGM on Thursday 28th April and the Church Service on Sunday 8th May. Mr. Murray had been gathering responses from council members to see if they were willing to continue being on council. He said Mr. Kingswell had expressed a wish to resign from council due to extensive work commitments but will remain a member of the association. There has been no response from Mr.Shergill and so Mr. Yates offered to contact him. Ms. Burton had offered her resignation due to forthcoming maternity but was encouraged to remain to be considered ‘on maternity leave’. Following encouragement from council Mr. Rogers agreed to continue with his council membership even though he found it difficult at times to contribute to discussions. Mr. Murray advised that he had not been able to contact Mr. Hegarty for his decision. Mr. Rogers offered to contact him as we need to determine if he wishes to continue as a trustee. Mr. Murray said dependent on the decisions of those still to be contacted we may be in need of a new trustee and either two or three new council members.

9. Next Session. Mr. Scholes had looked on YouTube and noted that Blackpool has ‘Tramtown’ with workshops and sheds and suggested this might be a good day out for members. He had also been in contact with ‘Antich’ in Huddersfield who are tailors and weavers and thought this might be another possible venue for a visit. Mr.Murray mentioned ‘Sidhil’ (Siddall & Hilton) in Brighouse that his grandson had recently joined. They produce welded mesh and wire fencing panels. The company operate a three shift system and so this might offer the chance of an evening visit. Mr. Scholes mentioned the site of the former ambulance builder in Brighouse for a potential visit. This company specialises in the building of armoured vehicles. Mr. Roper said Dr. John Sugden who recently gave a lecture on Anaesthesia was willing to come back with another talk. Mr. Roper mentioned a speaker called Dr. Ian Greaves who might be able to lecture on Nuclear Reactors and Nuclear Energy and Safety. Mr.Yates suggested we arrange more weekend daytime visits to enable those who work during weekdays to be able to attend. He suggested the Anson Engine Museum in Poynton as an example. This with others had been discussed during a previous meeting. Mr. Yates said there hade been a good turnout at the recent Sunday visit to Ellenroad Engine House. Mr. Scholes said some members had been unable to hear speakers at recent lectures in Morley. Mr. Roper suggested a small microphone and amplifier system. Mr. Scholes advised that the church has its own equipment and he will investigate its use for the next meeting, which will be the AGM. Mr. Town suggested moving from the small meeting room back into the main hall. Mr. Scholes said that the problem with the heating of the main hall had been resolved and that this location will be arranged for the AGM. Mr. Yates reminded council that member Steve Gledhill had kindly offered to give a lecture and also offered to host the event at his business premises.

10. Website. Mr.Toulson advised that he had received the golf tournament details from Mr. Stacey and these were now on the website. He informed Mr. Murray that the details could be ‘cut and pasted’ for the next newsletter. Mr. Town offered to provide some photographs of the recent bike lecture. Mr. Toulson said he would upload a report on the lecture if some details could also be provided to accompany the photographs. Mr. Yates offered to send a couple of photographs of the bike lecture to Mr. Toulson.

11. Annual Golf Tournament. Mr. Stacey had confirmed details of the day with Mr. Toulson who had published them on the website.

12. Annual Dinner. Mr. Kibler reported that he had booked 62 guests. It would have been 66 but four pulled out. Recent lecturer, Dr. John Sugden, had declined the offer to attend the dinner with his wife. Kevin Hegarty and his wife Jose had also declined to attend. Mr. Kibler said that of the 62 attending 11 would be association guests. Mr. Kibler was unsure if Mr. Shergill would be bringing a bottle of spirits as a prize but he still planned to have 5 prizes for the raffle. There will be a table prize of a box of chocolates for the picture quiz. Mr. Murray offered to provide a bottle in case of a shortfall. Mr. Kibler requested that Mr. Town make a 5 minute speech, mainly comprising of thanks to members and guests. Mr. Murray requested that the sponsors of tables should also be thanked. Mr. Town said he would personally thank Steve Gledhill for his support of the dinner. Mr. Kibler said he would introduce George Scholes, grandson of council member Ian Scholes, as recipient of the raffle proceeds. Mr. Kibler advised that the first drink at the dinner would be free to members and guests. Hon. Golf Secretary Mr. Stacey, who is a member at Headingley Golf Club, had kindly offered to lodge funds with the club to cover the cost of these drinks as he was able to offer 25% discount through his membership. He would be reimbursed later. Mr. Kibler suggested that with income less costs the event would probably break even or be close to breaking even. Mr. Toulson commented that in the past, with expensive guest speakers, the event had been heavily subsidised by the association, so this was welcome news. Mr. Kibler had produced a table plan and advised that for the raffle he had placed everyone’s name on a ticket to simplify the draw. Mr. Kibler informed us that Mr. Aldersley’s college head of engineering “Mitch” would also be attending the dinner. Mr. Yates commented that the dinner has continued to be successful since we invited the ladies. Mr. Kibler said that if it wasn’t for the ladies attending we probably would not hold the dinner with only 30 guests, which wouldn’t make it viable.

13. Church Service. Mr.Scholes informed council that he had met the representative of Leeds Minster who advised that a new Rector would be installed around October of this year. Mr. Scholes had been requested to offer his card to give to the incoming Rector. The church service has been arranged for Sunday 8th May and an association member will read the lesson. He suggested that council could perhaps provide details of the association and to advise that it had been the tradition for the Vicar or Rector to be our Honorary Chaplain and to be invited to the dinner. Mr. Murray said we could send a Journal and Mr. Toulson said there was also information about the association on the website. Mr. Scholes said written details would give a better insight about the association to the new Rector. Mr. Scholes had invited the current representative of the church to our dinner but she had declined due to a pre-booked engagement. Mr. Scholes requested that we invite the incoming Rector well in advance of any functions. Mr. Toulson commented that in the past it was the custom when the Vicar of Leeds left the position that they would inform the incomer of the tradition of automatically assuming the role of Honorary Chaplain of the association. He said written details would be an excellent way of introducing the association to the new Rector.

14. Student Award. Mr. Roper said that Mr. Aldersley was to bring one of his students, ‘Harry’, to the dinner following his selection to receive the Student Award. A discussion followed as to what would be an appropriate gift to the student. Mr. Yates suggested a micrometer. Mr. Kibler agreed that a micrometer would be an ideal gift but advised that it is an expensive item to consider. Mr. Roper offered to liaise with Mr. Aldersley to determine what would be an appropriate gift. Mr. Murray had previously asked if we were planning to interview candidates. Mr. Yates had offered to help Mr. Aldersley with interviews but had not heard anything back. Mr. Murray said he now understood that the award recipient had already been decided.

Any other Business. Mr. Murray advised of the forthcoming AGM and said Mr. Town had kindly offered to stand as president for another year. Mr. Murray asked Mr. Roper if he would consider becoming vice-president and then president and he replied that he might consider this after he retired. Mr. Kibler said that as the Keighley Association president, Mr. Richardson, cannot make it to the dinner we should refund £25 to Brian Clough of the Keighley Association. Bruce MacDougall, also from the Keighley Association, was to be a free guest as he had been one of our lecturers previously. Having no other business Mr. Town closed the meeting after thanking those who attended.


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