Council Meeting Minutes – December 2020

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at 7.30pm on Thursday 10th December 2020 online.
The meeting was hosted by Mr. Kibler using the “Zoom” video conferencing application. This was necessary due to the national Covid – 19 requirements for social distancing.

1. Attendance. J. Aldersley in the chair with, I. Scholes, A. Kibler, J. Bentley, M. Murray, G. Toulson, J. Burton, H. Kingswell and G. Roper.

2. Apologies for absence. S. Stacey, A. Rogers, I. Blakeley.

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. Mr. Kibler noted that in the previously circulated November minutes in the ‘Correspondence’ item ‘Mr. Murray had received a cheque from Chris Stocks for £15 as a membership fee.’ It was in fact a receipt by Bank Transfer. The copy of the minutes dated 12th November 2020 were corrected, then approved.

4. Matters Arising. None.

5. Treasurers Report. Mr. Kibler had received two more members’ subscriptions: from Mr. Garland (£15) and from Mr. Mathers (£15). Mr. Murray said he would contact these members and again advise them that subscriptions this year had been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Monies would be returned accordingly.

6. Correspondence. Mr. Murray said he had received a Christmas card from member Phillip Lee, who has for some years sent a personalised greeting or letter to the council. Mr. Murray said he will acknowledge the correspondence. He had also received a marketing email from ‘The Printworks’ (The Leeds City College Campus) advising of the sale of food and wine at their kitchen and bar.

7. Membership. Mr. Aldersley who is a member of staff at Leeds City College had asked a colleague if he would care to join the association and he had expressed an interest. Mr. Aldersley said he would follow this up at a later date.

8. Current Programme. We do not have an ongoing programme due to the Coronavirus restrictions.

9. Next Session. Mr. Murray noted in his Business News correspondence that two local companies were reported as ‘doing well.’ These were ‘Venari’ of Brighouse, a company producing specialist vehicles and ‘Winder Power’ of Leeds producing transformers. Mr. Murray suggested that these companies might possibly be suitable for a visit in the future. He also noted that ‘Wesco Aircraft’ based close to the REA lecture venue in Cleckheaton might be suitable for a lecture. Their business involves ‘Complex Supply Chains.’

10. Website. Mr. Toulson reported that the website is operating well and advised that a bill for hosting will be due in the New Year. Mr. Murray commented that he had watched the association’s You Tube video and noted that it had received around fifty views. Mr. Murray questioned why in the video the association’s logo was of the old style and not the newer coloured version. Mr. Kingswell recalled that this detail had been discussed at a previous council meeting and consensus was that the original logo was deemed more suitable. Mr. Murray went on to ask about viewing numbers for the website. Mr. Toulson advised that although the number of ‘hits’ to the site was considerable no details were available as to the origin, and as he regularly receives many international emails via the website he is sceptical that most are from truly interested parties.

11. Journal. Mr Bentley said work on the journal is ongoing. He is waiting for a short article from Ms. Burton on being the first female council member, which he will then incorporate into the journal. Ms. Burton advised that she would endeavour to supply Mr. Bentley with an article as soon as business commitments allow.

12. Annual Golf Tournament. Nothing to report.

13. Annual Dinner. Mr. Kibler said nothing can be done regarding the 2021 annual dinner until at least around March of next year when we can assess when the next dinner can be held.

14. Church Service. Mr. Aldersley asked Mr. Scholes if he had heard anything from Rev. Sam regarding activities at the church. Mr. Scholes advised that there had been no change from last time he was in contact and he understood that only congregations of up to thirty are currently allowed. Mr. Aldersley suggested an email to Rev. Sam might be appropriate to keep in touch. Mr. Scholes said he would send Christmas greetings from the association.

15. Meeting Rooms. Mr. Toulson had been in touch with Paul the steward at The Cornerhouse Club and advised him that we had not held the April and May council meetings at the club due to the Coronavirus. We had paid in advance for these bookings. Mr. Toulson asked Paul if we could be credited next time we book and pay for the meeting room. Paul said this would be fine. He sent his greetings to the council members and looks forward to seeing us back at the club in the New Year. Mr. Toulson asked if it would be possible for Paul to book our usual meeting dates when the club permanently reopens. He suggested that as soon as we have some dates in mind we should email him to make the bookings firm.

Any other Business. Mr. Murray raised the subject of a forthcoming increase in postal charges. He had seen news that some postal charges would be increasing by up to 14p. Mr. Murray reminded council that previously we had purchased a large batch of stamps prior to an imminent increase in cost and that this had saved the association a considerable amount of money when posting newsletters and journals. Mr. Kingswell immediately checked and advised the proposed cost increases. Whilst not being excessive increases for first and second class stamps Mr. Murray suggested he would check on the increase for a large letter, as used when we post out the journal to all members. It was suggested by consensus that Mr. Murray should purchase between 200 and 300 stamps at his discretion.
Having no other business Mr. Aldersley closed the meeting after thanking those who attended and advising that the next virtual meeting will be on the 7th January 2021.


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