Council Meeting Minutes – January 2020

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at 7.30pm on Thursday 2nd January 2020 at The Cornerhouse Club, Moortown, Leeds.

1. Attendance. A. Kibler, J. Aldersley, I. Scholes, J. Bentley, G.Roper, J.Burton & J. Shergill.

2. Apologies for absence. G. Toulson, I. Blakeley, A. Rogers, M. Murray, H.Kingswell, R.Town & S. Stacey.

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting, were approved and signed by J. Aldersley.

4. Matters Arising. A. Kibler was listed as both at the meeting and absent?

5. Treasurers Report. Only one transaction to report, which was Mr. Stacey’s subscriptions payment. Mr.Stacey also explained the discrepancy of £100 brought to light at the previous meeting.

6. Correspondence. Mr. Aldersley has contacted Drakes regarding a return visit in May. No response to date.

7. Membership. With Mr. Murray being away on holiday there was nothing to report.

8. Current Programme. Mr. Shergill reported (and confirmed the next day) that the person who was going to give us a talk on the 27th Feb was unlikely to be available. Mr. Kibler said he would contact Neil with regard to a possible talk about Kirklees Railway and then a follow up visit on the 18th June 2020.

9. Next Session. Nothing to report.

10. Website. Mr.Toulson is away on holiday, so nothing to report.

11. Golf. Mr. Stacey emailed to say the deposit had been paid but that he could not attend the meeting.

12. Annual Dinner. Mr. Kibler is to contact the golf club regarding the menu etc. Comments were made to look at changes to the menu but with few suggestions at to what. Mr. Shergill suggested lamb but Mr. Kibler pointed out that lamb would be too expensive. Mr. Kibler suggested gammon, which was accepted by all. Mr. Aldersley asked if Mr. Kibler would do another quiz and Mr. Kibler said he would look into this.

13. Any other Business. Barrie Yates has reportedly been in touch with the Welders Association and is awaiting feedback.


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