Council Meeting Minutes – March 2019

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at 7.15pm on Thursday 7th March 2019 at the Cornerhouse Club Leeds

1. Attendance. A. Kibler Past President in the chair with I. Scholes, J. Bentley, A. Rogers, G. Toulson, S. Stacey, J. Burton, G. Roper, M. Murray and I. Blakeley.

2. Apologies for absence. J. Aldersley, R. Town, H. Kingswell , J. Shergill and K. Hegarty.

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting, dated 7th February 2019 were approved & signed.

4. Matters Arising. None.

5. Treasurers Report. Mr. Kibler reported that we had very little financial activity since the last meeting. We had only two transactions to report as listed below.

Deposit :-

Subscription – Christopher Stocks – £15.00
Subscription – x three ? – £45.00

6. Correspondence. Mr. Kibler has received a letter from Francis Atkinson who said he was recovering well from his recent operation and was hopeful of attending the annual dinner.

7. Membership. We have received an application from a gentleman from Cheshire and received his subscription. Mr. Murray said that as it is so near the end of this session he will use this subscription to cover the next session. We have also had an application from a former member Colin McConnell who is applying to re-join us. Steve Gledhill (one of our members) has been in touch, via Mr. Yates, to let us know that he has not been receiving our correspondence. We have investigated this and the problem has now been resolved.

8. Annual Church Service. The annual church service at Leeds Parish Church will be on the 12th May followed by a free meal at the nearby Palace Hotel (local public house) for any member attending the service.

9. Current Programme. Mr. Murray will send out a circular advertising our Solstice Walk which will be to Five Rise Locks, followed by a quiz which we are asking Keighley Association of Engineers to participate in as our first joint event. Mr Murray, Mr. Kibler and their partners Lynne and Charmaine attended the Hull Association of Engineers Annual Dinner. They commented that very few members were present it was largely attended by sponsors.

10. Next Session. We hope to have the first three meetings of the next session organised before the close of this session. We have a number of possibilities to explore, these include a visit to Scunthorpe Steel Works (probably a daytime visit). Mr. Murray suggested that we might approach Letterpress a printing company based in Shipley, Mr.Toulson said he will pursue this. We are also going to approach a paper mill that we visited several years ago, based in Poole in Wharfedale, to see if they will give us a return visit. Mr. Bentley said he had spoken to someone who is involved with the build of a new locomotive in Darlington who might give us a talk / lecture.

11. Website. Mr Toulson told us that that we need to pay the fees for our website in the next few weeks. The fee for hosting is due on the 10th April and is approximately £44 and the domain name is due for renewal at a cost of £14.69 (for 2 – years). Mr. Toulson said he will pay on his credit card and claim it back because it normally falls between council meetings. Mr. Toulson has received pictures from our member in Australia via Mr. Aldersley. He will post these on the website. We need to get photographs of our latest council members Mr. Roper and Ms. Burton, to Mr. Toulson for incorporating on our website.

12. Promoting Leeds Association. Mr. Kingswell has completed the video for use on YouTube. Ms. Burton, our new council member, says she will attempt to upload this onto you tube.

13. Golf. Mr Stacey said everything is arranged for the 2nd July 2019 at Cobble Hall, this will be a Tuesday, requested by M.A. Ford who is the main sponsor. He said he is to meet up with Gerry Allen to try get ex – Mitchell Fox guests to participate as paying contestants. Mr. Stacey said he will play a round of golf with Alan Braime on another occasion because he continues to generously sponsor the event, even when business dictates that he cannot attend.

14. Annual Dinner. Mr. Kibler told us he has managed to get the meal at the same price as last year. The menu is largely the same with the only change being that the Tiramasu will be replaced by Chocolate Mousse. We need to ask on the circular if anyone has any allergies or special dietary requirements. We need to find out what charity the vicar supports and will give the proceeds of the raffle if we feel it is appropriate. Mr. Kibler said he intends having five raffle prizes, probably three bottles of wine and two Easter eggs. The first drink will be free; Mr. Stacey will pay on his card because as a member of the Golf club this gives us a 25% discount.

Any other Business. Having no other business Mr. Kibler closed the meeting.


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