Council Meeting Minutes – November 2019

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at 7.30pm on Thursday 7th November 2019 at the Corner House Club Moortown Club Leeds.

1. Attendance. J. Aldersley – Immediate Past President in the chair with, G. Roper, M. Murray, I. Scholes, A. Kibler, J. Burton, A. Rogers, S. Stacey & G. Toulson.

2. Apologies for absence. I. Blakeley, J. Bentley.

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting, dated 3rd October 2019 were, approved & signed.

4. Matters Arising. None.

5. Treasurers Report. Mr. Kibler reported that he had prepared the Annual Accounts for the last financial year and that they would need to be independently reviewed. He requested a volunteer and Ms. Burton offered to check them. Mr. Kibler advised that expenses for the year were approximately £700.00 more than the previous period. Examples of this additional expenditure were such as the additional sponsorship of the church event lunch along with a donation to the Steel Works Steam Railway. However, he stressed that this is not to be considered a problem as the association still holds a comfortable balance of funds. (Figure not published.)

Transaction Details From 4th October 2019 to 7th November 2019

15/10/19 £15.00 Subscriptions – I. Blakeley
31/10/19 £100.00 Corporate Subscription – M.A.Ford ? (to be confirmed)
Debits :-
09/09/19 £120.00 Cornerhouse Club Meeting Room Hire
14/10/19 £90.89 Stamps for Mr. Murray
17/10/19 £108.00 REA Scandinavia Meeting Room Hire
27/10/19 £21.00 Church Lunch Correction

6. Correspondence. Mr. Roper reported that he had been in touch with the ‘Steam Workshop’ and that they were willing to offer a summer visit. It was agreed to investigate this at a later date.

7. Membership. Mr. Murray reported that member Matthew Inness had resigned from the association and he advised that there are now approximately 68 members. Mr. Stacey said that he had discussed with Alan Braime the possibility of his company becoming a corporate member. Mr. Murray reported that 5 to 6 members will still not use online payment of subscriptions thus incurring postal charges. Mr. Kibler proposed that ‘Direct Bank Transfer’ of subscriptions should be requested on future subscription advice notes. Mr. Murray asked if we should increase subscriptions for members who still insist on postal communications. Mr. Kibler said he thought it was not necessary at the moment. It was confirmed that Mr. Toulson is now an Honorary Member of the association.

8. Current Programme. Mr. Aldersley advised that he is still awaiting confirmation from ‘UTC’ of the possibility of a visit in 2020. Also, he had heard from Richard Barker-Poole of ‘Drakes’ and he is still hoping to be able to arrange a second visit to another of Drakes’ plant in Golcar. Mr. Scholes suggested to delay the visit until March to avoid probable bad weather in the earlier months. Mr. Aldersley said Barrie Yates had agreed to give a talk provisionally entitled ‘Apprentice Spy’. Mr. Murray proposed that this talk might be appropriate for the AGM next year. Mr. Aldersley advised that Paul Beaumont had agreed to give a talk in January about the ‘Jowett Cars crossing of Africa’. Mr. Toulson said he would chase up the Turbocharger company in Huddersfield to see if a visit might be possible in 2020. Mr. Kibler advised that he had been in touch with Neil at ‘Kirklees Light Railway’ and was hoping to arrange a visit, suggesting May, that being a warmer month. Mr. Scholes suggested we contact Bill Jagger who might be able to give a lecture as he had done previously. Mr. Aldersley then suggested John Pease as another member that we might contact to see if he could give a lecture. Mr. Aldersley confirmed that Ian McKay had been booked for a lecture in November. Mr. Murray offered to arrange the Solstice Walk for next summer. Mr. Toulson summarised that there are firm bookings for November and January with other lectures and visits in the pipeline for the New Year. Mr. Toulson said he would update events on the website accordingly.

9. Next Session. Nothing to report.

10. Website. Mr. Toulson reported that all bills for the website had been paid earlier in the year with nothing currently outstanding and that it was operating well.

11. You Tube Video. The association video is up and running and available for members to view, subscribe to the page and add ‘Like’ approvals as they wish.

12. Golf. Mr. Stacey advised that it was likely that the 2020 golf tournament would be held at Scarcroft. He had received many congratulations from players who had enjoyed the day during the summer at Cobble Hall. He said that Cobble Hall would be again considered if booking Scarcroft proved problematic. Mr. Stacey said he proposed another mid-week tournament to suit M. A. Ford who had contributed considerably to the event. Mr. Murray asked how many players there might be. Mr. Stacey informed us that last time there had been 39 players which was ideal resulting in 13 teams of 3 players. He hoped to be able to keep the numbers the same as well as keeping the price and format the same as before. He also noted that although the dress code had been relaxed in recent years he hoped to retain the ‘Jacket & Tie’ code for the dinner and presentations afterwards.

13. Annual Dinner. Mr. Kibler had telephoned Headingley Golf Club and was advised that the previously proposed date of 4th April 2020 was not available and so to avoid the Easter period he suggested 25th April. He advised that he will try to book and confirm this date shortly. Mr. Scholes requested that if possible Mr. Kibler should send an invitation to the vicar as soon as possible as his diary soon fills up. Mr. Kibler said he would be sending out invitations in January.

Any other Business. Having no other business Mr. Aldersley closed the meeting.


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