Council Meeting Minutes December 2021

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at 7.30pm on Thursday 2nd December 2021 at The Corner House Club, Leeds. LS17 6QE

1. Attendance. J. Aldersley in the chair with M. Murray, I. Scholes, G. Toulson, J. Shergill and G. Roper.

2. Apologies for absence. R. Town, J. Bentley, I. Blakeley, J. Burton, A. Kibler, H. Kingswell, A. Rogers, S. Stacey and B. Yates.

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. Dated 4th November 2021 were approved and signed.

4. Matters Arising. None

5. Treasurers Report. In his absence the treasurer had supplied the following transactions :-

£15.00 Subs. Chris Stocks
£5.00 Neil Cobbold Joining Fee
£15.00 Subs. Mr. Garland
£15.00 Subs. M. Pollard
£15.00 Subs. M. Bate
£15.00 Subs. N. Cobbold
£15.00 Subs. M. Murray
£15.00 Subs. K. Smith
£15.00 Subs. I. Scholes
£15.00 Subs. A. Kibler
£30.00 Subs. C. Whitley
£30.00 Subs. A. Harris
£15.00 Subs. S. Stacey
£30.00 Subs. Subs. via AWK – E. Battye & D. Bannister

£30.00 Methodist Church Room Hire
£100.00 Whistlestop Valley Railway – Donation.

6. Correspondence. None.

7. Membership. Mr. Murray said he was trying to arrange to have members pay subscriptions through the bank. John Bennett had tendered his resignation. He had played golf in the tournament and so Mr. Stacey will be informed of this resignation. Following agreement with council Mr. Aldersley said he would confirm free corporate membership if we could make use of college facilities for the occasional lecture meeting. He said he would endeavour to arrange access to the college either by himself or via a colleague if he was not available. Mr. Aldersley said the college access was by keys or key codes and he would try to obtain these for future access. He said he would present the college management with the corporate membership application. Mr. Murray said ‘Appris’ in Bradford had not been paying their corporate membership subscription. Mr. Toulson suggested we write to them to see if they wished to continue contact. Mr. Murray said he would write to them and report back.

8. Current Programme. Mr. Shergill offered his services for a lecture and reminded us that Jayanti Mistry was still willing to give his follow-up lecture at some time. Mr. Toulson said that Mr. Town had been advised that is was customary for the president to either give or arrange a lecture following the Annual General Meeting to be held at the end of April. Due to his pressing work commitments he said if the president wished to forgo giving a lecture it might be ideal for either Mr. Shergill or Mr. Mistry to present the AGM lecture. Mr. Aldersley said he would investigate the possibility of a tour of his college towards the end of May. Mr. Scholes said he would make contact with Leeds Minster to try to arrange the annual church service. Mr. Aldersley reminded us that Mr. Yates had mentioned the possibility of arranging another trip to Forgemasters of Sheffield during the summer. Mr. Yates had also been investigating if we could arrange a joint meeting with the I.Mech.E. but had been finding this somewhat difficult. Mr. Aldersley said his college has many connections with other organisations and he would make enquiries to see if talks or visits could be arranged with other groups.

9. Next Session. Nothing to report at this stage.

10. Website. Mr. Toulson said he would add the Annual General Meeting event to the website and that he will contact Mr. Town to see if he wished to give a lecture or whether we should make another arrangement as mentioned earlier in the minutes.

11. Annual Golf Tournament. Nothing new to report.

12. Annual Dinner. Mr. Murray said Mr. Yates had previously expressed a desire for a guest speaker at the dinner, commenting that the event had lost some of its prestige, as we no longer invite the Lord Mayor. Council members present were of the opinion that a guest speaker was not desirable considering the current reduced scale of the event. Mr. Scholes said he thought a few words from the president would be suitable rather than a guest speaker. Mr. Toulson commented that some of the past speakers had been described by council as poor value for money and had not been well received by guests. Mr. Murray said that years ago occasionally members would recommend suitable guest speakers. He commented that Mr. Yates had reminded us previously that one of the best guest speakers in recent years had been Richard Gibbon, Head of Engineering at the National Railway Museum.

13. Church Service. Nothing new to report.

14. YouTube Videos. Mr. Roper commented that he had watched a ‘YouTuber’ who, although was not the most competent engineer, was very good with ‘IT’ and was making instructive videos earning him many thousands of pounds per year.

15. Any other Business. Having no other business Mr. Aldersley closed the meeting after thanking those who attended.


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