‘Goldene’ a New Development in Materials Science…..

  Council Member (and now Trustee !) Barrie Yates keeps us up to date with some of the latest developments in Science and Engineering. You will recall he reported on an IET lecture on Graphene a few years ago. It was a fascinating lecture on a remarkable development in Materials Science. Barrie reports below on another development bearing similar qualities … Continue reading “‘Goldene’ a New Development in Materials Science…..”

Engineering in America – A Career Memoir….

  Council Member Andrew Kibler has a friend, Huston Ludlum, who has spent his career in engineering in the United States of America and he has forwarded a summary of his work experiences to Andrew who thought this memoir would be of interest to members and it is published here in two parts……. ************************************************************************ Huston Ludlum – The Path I … Continue reading “Engineering in America – A Career Memoir….”

A Message from Scout George Scholes…..

  At the 2022 Anniversary Dinner we were joined by George Scholes, grandson of Council Member Ian Scholes.     The following year in 2023 George was to join a Scout trip to a Jamboree in Seoul in South Korea. A collection at the dinner was taken and donated to George who was busily gathering sponsorship for this exciting trip. … Continue reading “A Message from Scout George Scholes…..”

Can you help a young engineer with his career search ?

One of the association’s aims has always been to help those people in need of assistance, mainly its members, but also to offer help to our fellow engineers, wherever they may reside.   Council Member and Trustee Ian Blakeley has an acquaintance whose son is an engineering graduate and is actively searching for a position. The graduate’s name is Jonathan … Continue reading “Can you help a young engineer with his career search ?”

Thomas Green Motor Mower Parts…..

Can you help an enthusiastic restorer ? I was contacted recently by a gentleman in Northern Ireland attempting to restore a Thomas Green motor mower. Nicholas Rogers had requested contact details for LAE member John Pease, who had written a book about Thomas Green of Leeds. I put him in touch with John… Mr. Rogers advised that he needs to … Continue reading “Thomas Green Motor Mower Parts…..”

Funeral of Ken Norris…..

As reported recently association member Ken Norris sadly passed away. Several members attended his funeral, including Andrew Kibler who kindly provided some details of the Memorial Booklet from the service. Ken will be greatly missed, having been a regular attendee at our lectures and visits. Below are some pages from the Memorial Booklet, including a touching poem by Anthony Dawson.  … Continue reading “Funeral of Ken Norris…..”