Council Meeting Minutes – February 2022

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at 7.15pm on Thursday 3rd February 2022 at the Corner House Club Moortown Leeds LS17 6QE

1. Attendance. R. Town in the chair with, A. Kibler, M. Murray, G. Roper, J. Shergill, I. Scholes, J. Bentley, A. Rogers, B. Yates and I. Blakeley.

2. Apologies for absence. S. Stacey, J. Aldersley, J. Burton, G. Toulson & H. Kingswell.

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. Dated 6th January were approved and signed.

4. Matters Arising. Mr. Roper said he has not had the opportunity to discuss with Ken Norris’s wife if she thought Ken might accept honorary life membership in recognition of his long -term support of Leeds Association of Engineers. We agreed that we should send flowers to Mrs Norris (Ken’s wife) and on the card to mention Kens honorary life membership. Mr. Roper will organise the purchase of the bouquet.

5. Treasurers Report. Mr. Kibler reported the following transactions :-

Date                    Description
05/01/2022       Subs – D.C. Barton £15.00
10/01/2022       Subs – J Aldersley & Australian member R. Tilley £45.00
13/01/2022       Subs – M. Eldridge £15.00
20/01/2022       Subs – M. Whitehead £15.00
29/01/2022       Dinner Guest of Bruce MacDougall £25.00
30/01/2022       Subs – Roger Letch £15.00

Date                   Description
10/01/2022      Methodist Church Room Hire £30.00
03/02/2022      Methodist Church Room Hire £30.00

Mr. Kibler reported the status of the association’s bank accounts, but this does not appear in the minutes because they are open to public view on the internet.

6. Correspondence. Mr. Yates said he has been in contact with Matt Harker, a former student at Leeds University who now works at Rolls Royce, he thinks he might be able to get him to join our association. Mr. Yates is currently trying to organise a prestige lecture at Leeds University. This will be an open lecture possibly with the support of the IET the IMECHE and maybe members of SONE. The subject will be small modular reactors (SMRs). The cost of this lecture will be shared with the other institutions.

7. Membership. Mr Yates said that Matt Harker (former Leeds University Student) is applying for membership.

8. Current Programme. Mr. Town confirmed that the lecture on the steam powered motorcycle will be in the Thorite premises at Bradford (pneumatics supplier) this is due to the size of the motorcycle, and the potential for dripping oil it would not be allowed in the church hall at Morley. Mr. Town asked Mr. Shergill to establish whether Jayanti Mistry is available to give us a talk/lecture after our AGM. John Sugden is giving us a talk on anaesthesia on 31st March. We have several suggestions for daytime visits some of which would be on a weekend as they are at places open to the general public. These include the locations listed below :-

Pointon Engine Museum (Saturday Visit)
Ellenroad Steam Museum (Machines in steam first Sunday each month)
Avro Museum in Chester
Mining Museum, Wakefield
Sherburn Air Museum (Neil one of our members has a glider license, ref: A. Kibler)
Museum at Wigan Pier (working machinery)
Queens Mill at Burnley.
Bancroft Mills Steam Museum in Barnoldswick (opens most Saturdays & Sundays).
Anderton Boat Lift.

9. Next Session. Mr. Town said he has approached GA Pet foods in Chorley for a visit but they said it would not be possible at the moment due to all the restrictions with Covid 19 but we could approach them again in 2023. Mr. Shergill has a lecture on the Kilogram already prepared if we need it.

10. Website. Nothing to report other than it is all up to date including the date of the next A.G.M. Mr. Toulson sent his best regards to all our council members via Mr. Rogers.

11. Annual Golf Tournament. The date of the tournament has changed, new details will appear on the website shortly.

12. Annual Dinner. Mr. Kibler has been in touch with John Pankhurst of Keighley Association of Engineers asking him to invite their members to our dinner. Mr. Kibler said that the deal he struck with Headingley Golf club regarding the cost of the dinner is based on us getting a minimum of 50 people attending. Mr. Yates will contact Steve Gledhill who has brought a table of eight people in the past. We agreed that any company/individual who can fill a table of eight will be given a free place at the dinner. Mr. Town suggested that we offer Steven Wright (of Thorite) a free place at the annual dinner as a thank you for him allowing us to use their premises for the steam motor bike lecture. This was agreed by council. Mr. Town will also offer Mr. Wright a discounted rate if he would care to bring a table of guests.

13. Church Service. Mr. Scholes has been in contact with Sam (the last vicar) who has now moved on and is now a bishop. Leeds Parish now has a temporary vicar, Judith Clark, but she has not responded to his emails.

14. Smallpiece Trust. Mr. Yates has been contacted by the Smallpiece Trust asking us to give £250 for one of their initiatives to encourage young people aged eight to eighteen years to consider a career in engineering. Mr. Yates will send out a link to their website so we can all look before our next meeting.

15. Student Award. Now we have Mr. Aldersley (Vice President) working in Leeds City College perhaps he might suggest candidates for this award which we would like to re-instate.

Any other Business. Having no other business Mr. Town closed the meeting after thanking those who attended.


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