Council Meeting Minutes – March 2022

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at 7.30pm on Thursday 3rd March 2022 at the Corner House Club Moortown Leeds LS17 6QE

1. Attendance. R. Town in the chair with, A. Kibler, M. Murray, G. Roper, J. Shergill, I. Scholes, J. Bentley, A. Rogers, B. Yates & S. Stacey.

2. Apologies for absence. J. Aldersley, J. Burton, G. Toulson, I. Blakeley & H. Kingswell.

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. Dated 3rd February were approved and signed.

4. Matters Arising. Mr Kibler advises of a correction in the previous minutes, our member Neil has a full pilot’s licence whereas we stated that Neil has a gliders licence. Mr Scholes reminds the council agreed to raise funds by raffle to put toward his grandson George Scholes scout jamboree trip to South Korea, this raffle will be done at the annual dinner. Mr Roper tells us that he has visited our member Ken Norris in hospital and has kindly offered to give Mr Norris honorary membership status for his many years of being an active member of the association.

5. Treasurers Report. Mr. Kibler reported the following transactions: –


3/Feb/22     Dinner – Ross Town £75.00
4/Feb/22     Subs –    M Elvidge £15.00
4/Feb/22     Dinner – Barrie Yates £25.00
7/Feb/22     Dinner – A Harris £100.00
9/Feb/22     Dinner – Gordon & guests £100.00
19/Feb/22   Dinner – Andy Kibler £50.00
24/Feb/22   Dinner – Neil Cobbold £25.00
25/Feb/22   Dinner – B Clough from Keighley £50.00
2/Mar/22     Subs –    Robert & Alyson Hazeldine £30.00
3/Mar/22     Dinner – John & Sue Bentley £50.00


24/Feb/22    Steam bike talk expenses  £50.00

Mr Kibler advises Graham & Diane asked for £45.00 to cover expenses for the Steam Bike talk, however he rounded up and has sent them £50.00 for expenses for the talk. Mr Kibler also suggested that we offer a donation of £250.00 council voted and agreed to make this gesture. Mr. Kibler reported the status of the association’s bank accounts, but this does not appear in the minutes because they are open to public view on the internet.

6. Correspondence. Mr Scholes presented the council a letter from his grandson George Scholes (Enclosed) thanking the association for our offer to support the raising of funds to enable him to attend the world scout jamboree in South Korea 2023. Mr Yates reports that he has received no contact from Matt Harker.

7. Membership. Mr Murray reports that we have received subs from:
• Mik Rhodes – £20.00
• Howard Kingswell – £15.00
• John Finn – £15.00

8. Current Programme. Mr Roper reports that the talk for March is coming together and that John Sugden expressed that he would like help in transferring his paper presentation onto a Power Point presentation, Mr Kibler kindly agreed to help in this regard. Mr Roper also asked if Mr Kibler will aid in a trial run of the presentation once complete.
Mr Yates asked if Mr Murray will send out a reminder to our members of the visit to Ellenroad Steam Museum on 6th March. Mr Murray said that he will along with the Golf Notice. Mr Yates also suggested the council organise more “weekend” visits to local interesting engineering museums. Council agreed that we would see what the turnout was like at the upcoming Ellenroad visit and discuss at the next council meeting.
Mr Town asked Mr Shergill if Jayanti Mistry was able to give a follow up lecture at the AGM. Mr Shergill asked for us to confirm the date, which is 28th April, he will confirm with Jayanti Mistry

9. Next Session. Mr Aldersley has received communication from IFG Drake in Golcar and they say that they would be able to accommodate a site visit in the near future. Mr Aldersley will also enquire into a visit to Leeds City College. Mr Yates also suggests our member Steve Gledhill will be able to give a talk at his former businesses’ new premises. Mr Scholes informs the council Morley Church wanted to see a meeting room commitment/booking from the association. Council agreed we will continue to use the venue and asked Mr Scholes to go ahead and make the bookings.

10. Website. Nothing to report.

11. Annual Golf Tournament. Mr Stacey confirms the date for the golf will be 12th July. Alan Braime has given his usual donation of £250.00 however will not be able to attend the golf tournament due to a family holiday, Mr Stacey will take Alan Braime for a round of Golf at Headingley. Mr Stacey asked the council what the dress code for the evening meal should be and whether we should drop the requirement for jackets and tie going for a smart casual dress code. After a vote it was agreed we would this year carry on the tradition of jacket and tie. Mr Stacey will send the golf notice to Mr Toulson to upload onto the website. Mr Stacey informed the council the Craftsmen Tools MD has now retired but will continue to sponsor the golf tournament, for his continued support over the years Mr Stacey will present him with a gift.
Mr Stacey also asked to communicate to members & players that he would prefer payment via bank transfer rather than cash on the day.

12. Annual Dinner. Mr Kibler reports dinner bookings are going quite well with 44 booked so far but reminded council to maintain the price we require 50. We haven’t heard back from Keighley Association regarding their president attending dinner. Steve Gledhill booking a table for ten and we have given Mr Gledhill a free place, just awaiting payment. Mr Town to offer a free dinner to Stephen Wright of Thorite for the use of the venue for the Steam Bike talk. Council agreed to give Mr Scholes grandson George Scoles a free dinner. Mr Kibler proposed rather than collect tips at the end of the dinner for Headingley waiters / waitresses the association gave £20.00 per staff member on the night, council agreed this was a good idea. Mr Kibler also asked for donations of prizes Mr Murray offered a bottle of wine and Mr Shergill offered a bottle of Bacardi.

13. Church Service. Mr. Scholes has emailed the church but has not received any reply. A new contact has since been found and Mr Scholes will try and email again.

14. Smallpiece Trust. Council has agreed that the Smallpiece Trust donation isn’t right for the association, and we should support a local young engineer in the form of Student Award.

15. Student Award. Mr. Aldersley to propose candidates for the Student Award. Mr Yates has asked Mr Aldersley if there is possibility to interview any candidates put forward. Mr Yates asked council the whereabouts of the shield, Mr Rogers says he has it with spare shields ready to be engraved. Mr Roper will ask Mr Aldersley for suggestions on a suitable gift.

Any other Business. Mr Murray said it is time the council members stood to be reappointed into their roles and is going to email the council members asking if they would like to continue in their appointed positions. Having no other business Mr. Town closed the meeting after thanking those who attended.


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