Council Meeting Minutes – September 2020

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at 7.30pm on Thursday 3rd September 2020 online.
The meeting was hosted by Mr. Kibler using the “Zoom” video conferencing application. This was necessary due to the national Covid – 19 requirements for social distancing.

1. Attendance. J. Aldersley in the chair with, G. Roper, I. Scholes, A. Kibler, J. Bentley, H. Kingswell, M. Murray, J. Burton, I. Scholes and G. Toulson.

2. Apologies for absence. I. Blakeley, J. Shergill, A. Rogers, R. Town & S. Stacey.

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. Dated 16th July 2020 were approved and accepted.

4. Matters Arising. None.

5. Treasurers Report. Mr. Kibler said there were no transactions to report on the Current Account since the last meeting. He reported Savings Account interest of £5.51 received.

6. Correspondence. Mr. Toulson had been requested by Barrie Yates to furnish the Keighley Association of Engineers with his list of contacts for meetings and visits. This was with a view to a mutual exchange of information. John Pankhurst, secretary at Keighley, thanked Mr. Toulson for the emailed information and advised that their events are listed on their website and that we are welcome to use any of their previous contacts. Mr. Aldersley had written to ‘Power Engineering Services’ to investigate the possibility of a visit but as yet had not received a response. He had also been in contact with ‘Leeds City College’ who offered a visit to their premises but limited to only four people. Mr. Aldersley was hopeful that in conjunction with the college our Apprenticeship Scheme might be resurrected in the future and he would be following this up shortly.

7. Membership. Membership Secretary Mr. Murray advised that there was nothing to report.

8. Current Programme. Mr. Murray said he had not arranged a summer walk as yet. He informed us that for a possible event there are some old mining workings around the Outwood area, involving a one to one and a half mile walk, meeting at Outwood Railway Station Car Park. Mr. Murray suggested perhaps a weekend might be suitable for the walk as nights are now drawing in. Mr. Aldersley suggested that this suggestion could be put to the members for consideration. Mr. Kibler advised that the virus figures had increased recently which may make it impossible to hold any such events in the near future. Mr. Kingswell added that the majority of members are probably in the ‘higher risk group’ further precluding holding certain events. He recommended an ‘open space’ event. Mr. Murray added that Outwood Railway Station Car Park might be suitable for such a meeting of members with appropriate social distancing.

9. Next Session. Mr. Aldersley stated that no plans can be made at the moment for Next Session.

10. Website. Mr. Toulson had received an email from Mr. Stacey who had arranged a date for the next Golf Tournament with Leeds Golf Club. The event is confirmed for Wednesday 23rd June 2021. Mr. Toulson has added this information to the event webpage on the website.

11. Journal. Mr Bentley has now received the membership list from Mr. Murray and noticed that there are very few business addresses for members in the list. He said that eleven new members will be included in the next published list. Mr. Murray said he would ask members for occupation details if they wished this information to be included in the next journal. Mr. Murray suggested checking members’ email addresses to see if they indicated an employer but Mr. Bentley had already investigated and few indicated their occupation or employer.

12. Annual Golf Tournament. As noted earlier Mr. Stacey has confirmed the next Golf Tournament date as Wednesday 23rd June 2021.

13. Annual Dinner. Mr. Kibler said that he was hoping that by April 2021 it would be possible to hold the annual dinner. He said that if the virus situation improves by January then he will make arrangements for the dinner although most of the preparations had been made earlier in the year for the postponed dinner.

Any other Business. Mr. Aldersley noticed that we had not mentioned the Church Service in the agenda and asked Mr. Scholes if he would contact ‘Reverend Sam’ to discuss the situation. Mr. Scholes advised that he understood that a maximum congregation figure of thirty was in place currently and that this figure would probably be taken up by the regular worshippers.
Mr. Aldersley brought up the subject of meeting room charges, asking where the association stands currently. Mr. Toulson noted that earlier in the year we abandoned some council meetings. Mr. Kibler advised that we had paid up front for the full session. Mr. Toulson suggested we contact ‘Paul’ the steward at the Cornerhouse Club to see if we could carry forward any unused ‘credit’ for missed meetings. Mr. Aldersley added that the same could be said for the meeting room at Cleckheaton. Mr. Murray expressed concern that unless we make room bookings for next year we may not be able to secure the room as other groups meet there. Mr. Toulson advised that Mr. Rogers knew the organiser at the Cleckheaton meeting room and he might be able to make the arrangements for us. Mr. Aldersley said he would be in touch with both Mr. Rogers and Mr. Toulson to contact both organisations.
Mr. Kibler suggested that we hold another online meeting in a month’s time. Mr. Toulson suggested Thursday 1st October 2020. This was agreed and Mr.Toulson said he would send out the circular reminder and minutes closer to the date.
There being no other business Mr. Aldersley closed the meeting.


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