Airbus Website…..

Barrie Yates sent this link to the Airbus website that you might find interesting to peruse… Especially with news of the first Zero Emission Commercial Aircraft…. There are some informative pages, so well worth a look…. Click here to access the site:-   Airbus Website

The battery invented 120 years before its time…..

Barrie Yates forwarded an article from the BBC’s ‘Future Planet’ news sheet which might prove of interest to members….. The battery invented 120 years before its time… (Image credit: Getty Images) By Allison Hirschlag – 24th February 2021. At the turn of the 20th Century, Thomas Edison invented a battery with the unusual quirk of producing hydrogen. Now, 120 years later, … Continue reading “The battery invented 120 years before its time…..”

Our Second Online Zoom Lecture Meeting…..

We held our first Zoom Online Lecture at the end of February when our good friend Frank Smith shared memories of his early days working on the canal network. Council Member Barrie Yates has kindly volunteered to give the second online lecture on ‘Victorian Engineers‘ at the end of March on the traditional ‘last Thursday of the month.’ Make a … Continue reading “Our Second Online Zoom Lecture Meeting…..”

Our First Online Zoom Lecture Meeting !

. Our first Zoom lecture was given by Frank Smith on Thursday 25th February and was thoroughly enjoyed by eighteen members who joined the online meeting. Please consider joining us for future online talks. We are indebted to Frank who kindly offered to be our first speaker using this new format. Frank entertained us with a talk lasting over 45 … Continue reading “Our First Online Zoom Lecture Meeting !”