In office 2004 to 2010

Also in office throughout the period, 2004 to 2010, were:-

Honorary Chaplain :- Revd. Cannon Tony Bundock.
Trustees :- M. Armstrong, Esq., J. Bentley, Esq., K. J. Hegarty, Esq.
Treasurer :- M. Armstrong, Esq.
Minute Secretary :- I. A. Blakeley, Esq.
Circular Secretary :- M. S. Murray, Esq.
Membership Officer :- M. S. Murray, Esq.
Recruitment Officer :- G. Toulson, Esq.
Dinner Secretary :- W. Shelton, Esq., A. Rogers, Esq., S. Hall, Esq.
Progamme Secretary :- B.J. Yates, Esq. S Hall, Esq.
Golf Secretary :- K. J. Hegarty, Esq.
Web Master :- S. Hall, Esq.

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In office 2004 to 2010
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