Council Meeting Dates – Session Year 2021-2022

Council Meetings are held to administer the association’s business and are therefore restricted only to Council Members. The meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month, with the meeting starting at 7.30 p.m. The editor will add links to the minutes in the table below when they become available. Click on ‘View Minutes’ and then Cut and Paste the text so that you can make a print. Alternatively, you can open the PDF file to produce your print.

You can download and print minutes using the links in the table when they are published (highlighted in Bold Blue Text):-


Date   Venue   Text   PDF
Thursday 5th August 2021 Online meeting using Zoom videoconferencing software View Minutes   August 2021 PDF
Thursday 2nd September 2021 Headingley Golf Club View Minutes September 2021 PDF
Thursday 7th October 2021 The Corner House Club View Minutes   October 2021 PDF
Thursday 4th November 2021 The Corner House Club View Minutes   November 2021 PDF
Thursday 2nd December2021 The Corner House Club View Minutes   December 2021 PDF
Thursday 6th January 2022 The Corner House Club View Minutes   January 2022 PDF
Thursday 3rd February 2022 The Corner House Club View Minutes   February 2022 PDF
Thursday  3rd March 2022 The Corner House Club View Minutes   March 2022 PDF
Thursday 7th April 2022 The Corner House Club View Minutes   April 2022 PDF
Thursday 12th May 2022   *** The Corner House Club View Minutes   May 2022 PDF

***    May 2022 Council Meeting delayed by one week to avoid local elections held at the club on 5th May.

The minutes from the Council Meetings are stored in the Library of the University of Leeds along with Journals dating back to the formation of the association in 1865. Members may view these minutes (and past Journals of the association) by arrangement with the University Librarian. All past documentation of the association is in the public domain.

This link will take you to an Archive Page of Council Minutes:-   Archived Council Minutes

About ‘PDF’ files……..

Most Internet Browsers will open PDF files automatically. They can be saved and then viewed separately using Adobe Reader software. If you do not have Adobe Reader it can be downloaded from the internet free of charge from the Adobe website. You can use this link:- Adobe Reader Download