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LAE stationery documents.

LEA Standard Letter

Engineers Standard Letter

Petty Cash Voucher

The petty Cash voucher has been saved in several formats, one of which should enable you to open it. Choose the format from the list below and click on it to open. You cannot edit .pdf documents unless you have the software. Use pdf to print the document and then fill in with pen and post it to The Treasurer.

  • Petty Cash Voucher.doc (This opens with most version of MS Word and can be edited on your computer, then emailed.
  • Petty Cash Voucher.odt (This is the industry standard for text documents. It can be opened with “OPEN OFFICE WRITER” which is part of the Free Open Source Program. The latest version (V.10)of Microsoft Word will also open it.
  • Petty Cash Voucher.pdf (this opens the file in a printable format if you do not have a program which opens it, you can then fill in the printout with a pen, and get it to John by one of the steam mail methods.
  • Petty Cash Voucher.wps (This can be opened by MS Works which is the free software added as a free bundle of expired software by PC World and similar.)

Some of the document formats used above deny the option of using html code to return to the previous page, use the built in browser key to accomplish this.