Report from the 2010 AGM

The AGM was held in the board room of Marshalls Ltd., who very kindly provided the facilities and refreshments. The seating was probably a little too comfortable for an A.G.M, but those who slept did so quietly. Our President John McClarty presided over the meeting.

Malcolm Murray delivered the secretary’s report which, in brief, told us that things were mainly unchanged from last year and as usual appealed for the members to help in finding new members.

The treasurer, Michael Armstrong, delivered the treasurer’s report where again things had not changed significantly. We had a slightly improved financial situation from last year. Michael also announced his retirement as treasurer, and our new treasurer, John Campbell, was elected. Michael will continue as a council member and trustee of the association. John Campbell warned us that he is a Scot, living in Yorkshire and has extremely deep pockets and very short arms !

Our President, with the unanimous support of the membership, proposed Michael Armstrong an Honorary Life Member of the Association. He was also presented with a bottle of his favourite fire water, a bottle of Islay single malt.

A suggestion from the floor by member Mike Bate was that we should look again at a proposal to have a stained glass window of our logo made to be fitted at the Leeds Parish Church. This proposal was first voiced some years ago. The proposal was generally well received and further consideration may be made by the council. Our new treasurer, true to his warning, wisely suggested that before we embark on any significant spending plans, we should resolve the ongoing issue with the University of Leeds which is now imposing quite severe charges for room hire. It was tacitly agreed to take this advice.

Notices were read out by the president who closed the meeting.