Minutes of the 2022 Annual General Meeting…..

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting & Lecture at The Methodist Church Hall Morley at 7.30pm on Thursday 28th April 2022

1. Attendance– Eleven members of Leeds Association of Engineers attended the meeting. Mr Town (President) opened the AGM at 7.30pm. The meeting was to be followed by a talk on machine tooling by Kennametal.

2. Apologies for absence. G. Toulson, J. Burton and B. Yates.

3. Minutes of the previous online A.G.M. Held on 29th April 2021 were given to all members; Mr Aldersley proposed these should be accepted as a true record of the past AGM, this proposal was seconded by Mr. Kibler and approved by a show of hands.

4. Matters Arising. None.

5. Nominations for Council. Mr. Town said that our constitution states that council members serve a period of two years after which they must resign and re-apply if they wish to remain on council. This gives the opportunity for other members to take up office and bring forward new ideas. This year Mr. Kingswell and Mr. Shergill have offered their resignations and do not want to stand for council again. This leaves two seats if anyone wishes to put themselves forward. This met with no response from the members present. All other council members are prepared to continue in their current roles if the members choose to re-elect them. Mr. Town proposed that all current members should be re-elected and this was seconded by Mr. Kibler. All were voted back on council with a show of hands from the membership.

6. Nominations for Vice President. In the absence of any volunteers for this role Mr. Aldersley said, he would be prepared to be interim Vice President if the membership wished him to do this. This was agreed with a show of hands.

7. Nominations for President. In the absence of any volunteers Mr. Town said he is prepared to continue as president.

8. Confirmation of Trustees. Mr. Town said that we need to confirm the names of the trustees at each A.G.M. and minute this for the bank. The names of the trustees are John Bentley, Kevin Hegarty and Ian Blakeley. He asked that the membership vote to accept that these people continue in their current roles. This was done with a show of hands.

9. Life Honorary Membership. Mr Aldersley said that council are proposing that Gerry Allen and Ken Norris should be made Life Honorary Members of Leeds Association of Engineers in recognition of their long term support . This was put to a vote by members present and was agreed with a show of hands.

10. Website. Mr. Toulson was not present at the AGM but had reported that all is going well with the website. Costs remain low and this proves to be a good way of communicating with our membership. He did say that he is always looking for fresh content so if anyone has anything that might prove interesting, please forward it to him.

11. Membership Report. Mr Murray started by thanking Mr. Town and Mr. Aldersley for staying on as president and vice president. He thanked Mr. Kingswell and Mr. Shergill for the time and effort they put into serving on council over the years, he said he hopes they stay members of the association. He thanked Mr. Bentley for all the time and effort he has put into preparing the latest journal. He said Mr. Toulson and Mr. Kibler should be applauded for facilitating the zoom meetings, this allowed us all to be in contact, in spite of lockdown. He then went on to discuss membership, stating that our current policy is that if a member or corporate member fails to pay their subscription after three years they are removed from the register. We have had one corporate member, Appris who have resigned and two full members resign. We have had four new full members join us and one new corporate member ‘Print Works’

This year’s membership breakdown as follows :-
Corporate, 3 members
Honorary Life, 4
Life, 0
Full, 51
Total 58 Members.

Mr Murray concluded by proposing saying that we all must be active in encouraging more people to join us and if we do get them to attend be sure to make them welcome.

12. Treasurers Report. Mr. Kibler said there is very little to report as there were very few transactions due to Covid . He said that the annual walk was the best attended event probably due to the free meal afterwards. He pointed out that there is also a free meal for those attending the annual church service.

13. Annual Dinner. The annual dinner was well received with positive comments about the food and the venue. It was attended by 62 people although 68 people booked. Mr. Scholes thanked the association on behalf of his grandson George who was the recipient of the proceeds from the raffle, George is representing Yorkshire at the World Scout Jamboree in South Korea and has to do his own fundraising.

14. Annual Golf Tournament. Mr. Stacey said unfortunately we have not had a tournament for the last two years due to Covid restrictions but we are confident that this year it will go ahead. Gerry Allen has agreed to assist again with the meet and greet etc.

Any Other Business. Mr Town reminded people of the forthcoming annual church service and the solstice walk before closing the A.G.M. at 7.50pm and announced our speakers for the evening, Mr. Jayanti Mistry and Mr. Mark Smith of Kennametal, who will talk about cutting tool developments and new materials .


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