The Flying Car…..

The idea of a flying car as a mode of personal transport has been imagined for almost a century ever since the Wright Brothers first took to the air in the first heavier-than-air powered aircraft on December 17th 1903.   In 1926 Henry Ford displayed an experimental single seat aircraft called the ‘Sky Flivver’. It wasn’t so much a flying … Continue reading “The Flying Car…..”

Harley-Davidson – A 1925 Motorcycle Resurrection…..

Our President Barrie Yates has a friend Paul Duff who has performed a miracle resurrection (it might be an understatement to call it a restoration) of a 1925 Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Paul acquired a pile of parts which were almost unrecognisable as what was once a motorcycle and he has painstakingly rebuilt this machine into the fine example that we can … Continue reading “Harley-Davidson – A 1925 Motorcycle Resurrection…..”

Quicksilver – An update on the World Water Speed Record Project

Members will recall an excellent lecture back in February 2015 by Nigel MacKnight, founder and leader of the Quicksilver Project. Here is a link to the January Update showing the progress so far…. January Report It is nearly 50 years since Britain last held this prestigious international prize, and the laurels won for the nation by Donald Campbell. Nigel told us … Continue reading “Quicksilver – An update on the World Water Speed Record Project”

Reminder of 2017 AGM, Minutes from 2016 AGM and Lecture……

THE 2017 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING & LECTURE…. The AGM will be held on Thursday 27th April 2017 at the usual Cleckheaton venue. (Meeting Venue) This link will take you to the event page……  AGM & Lecture  (all links open in a new tab…) You can read, download and print a copy of last year’s minutes in advance of the meeting. A … Continue reading “Reminder of 2017 AGM, Minutes from 2016 AGM and Lecture……”

Keighley Association of Engineers 117th Anniversary Dinner

Members and their guests from the Leeds Association of Engineers have been invited to join our good friends the Keighley Association of Engineers to celebrate their 117th Anniversary at a dinner to be held on Friday 12th May 2017.   (Full details are on their dinner application form, see below…) ‘Keighley Engineers’ have supported us at our annual dinners for many … Continue reading “Keighley Association of Engineers 117th Anniversary Dinner”

Forthcoming Events…… A Visit and The Dinner…..

Events coming up soon….            On Thursday 30th March we have our Ladies Event… A visit to Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) in Bradford.  This special event has been arranged by Jaswinder Shergill and will be an interesting experience, not to be missed. See the webpage for details:- Sikh Temple Visit           … Continue reading “Forthcoming Events…… A Visit and The Dinner…..”