Special Visit to Sheffield Forgemasters……

At short notice your vice-president, Barrie Yates, has been able to arrange a special visit to Sheffield Forgemasters… www.sheffieldforgemasters.com The visit is to be on Friday 16th May at 2.30 pm. (prompt) A ‘PDF’ map of the location is available … Continue reading

Notice of the Annual General Meeting and Minutes from the 2013 AGM…

The 2014 Annual General Meeting will be held prior to the Lecture on Thursday 10th April at the Cleckheaton venue. You can read, download and print a copy of last year’s minutes in advance of the meeting on 10th April … Continue reading

Forthcoming Events…..

There are some interesting events coming up soon… ! Don’t miss them… Put the dates in your diaries and on your electronic gizmos !   Thursday 10th April there is the Annual General Meeting to be immediately followed by a … Continue reading

Roger W. Smith – Watchmaker Extraordinaire !

Meet Roger W. Smith – Watchmaker extraordinaire ! He can spend a week producing a tiny cog that his rivals might churn out in a few seconds. Just one sneeze can make a month’s work disappear into thin air (it … Continue reading

The World’s Longest Aircraft…..

The world’s longest aircraft (as opposed to a lighter than air ‘airship’) has just been unveiled at an airfield in Cardington, England, from where the great airships of the 1920′s flew. At first, you might mistake it for a giant … Continue reading

‘The Great Gathering’ (with photos)…..

In July 2013 there was a great reunion of A4-class Pacific Locomotives at the National Railway Museum.  ‘The Great Gathering‘ was to celebrate the 75th anniversary of ‘Mallard‘ becoming the fastest steam locomotive in the world.  On 3rd July 1938 … Continue reading

Follow up to the ‘Zero Point Energy’ lecture by Barrie Yates…..

  Barrie Yates contacted the Website Editor recently and asked for a link to be posted following a request from a guest at the lecture. The link details the ‘Bob Boyce 101 Plate Cell‘ with ‘Toroid Coil‘ and plans to … Continue reading

‘Meccano’ Lecture – Leeds Phil. & Lit. Society…..

There is a lecture this Thursday 20th February 2014 in the programme of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society to be give by Jim Gamble on the subject of ‘Meccano‘. This is a public lecture and so all are welcome.  … Continue reading