2006 President's Letter : Bill Shelton

Dear Member,

Welcome to our 2006/2007 session, if my maths are correct, the 141st, since the association was founded in 1865.

Over that last months I have personally spent a considerable number of hours over our charity application for the association only to have it rejected on a number of points. On a positive note it was stated that any organisation with less that £5000 subscriptions would become exempt from charity status due to future proposed tax changes.

Barrie and the program sub-committee have spent much time and effort to compile what we sincerely hope you will consider a very interesting and informative program of lectures and visits. Do come along and find out for yourself.

Speaking personally, with a history of going to meeting/visits (of this and several other engineering bodies) since my late “teens” ( way back in the distant past ) I have found very few indeed which were not well worth attending and some which I feared might be the worst proved to be among the best.

Don’t forget our regular annual ‘attractions’ – the Dinner, the Golf Tournament and the Church Service (appeals for the last of these appear to fall on particularly deaf ears).

Finally, the usual appeal from me and the Council please attend as many events as possible, bring colleagues, friends and acquaintances (even enemies if you have any). We do need to swell our numbers and to replace “old Codgers” like myself.

Have a good year.

Bill Shelton