A Message from Scout George Scholes…..


At the 2022 Anniversary Dinner we were joined by George Scholes, grandson of Council Member Ian Scholes.



The following year in 2023 George was to join a Scout trip to a Jamboree in Seoul in South Korea. A collection at the dinner was taken and donated to George who was busily gathering sponsorship for this exciting trip.



Grandad Ian Scholes has forwarded a report card from George and it reads as follows:-

“Well, I have returned from an amazing adventure in South Korea. I wanted to share a little bit of it with you as a way of saying THANK YOU for your help, donations and encouragement, all of which helped me to achieve my dream. We started with five days in Seoul where we visited the DMZ, Lotte World and Seoul Tower. We experienced our first Korean BBQ which was awesome. It was then time to leave and head to the Jamboree camp. After arriving we set up our sub-camp and enjoyed the opening ceremony where we were surrounded by other cultures. We watched K-Pop, martial arts and the procession of flags. Bear Grylls gave an inspirational speech. Back at the camp the heat was intense and unfortunately stopped us from experiencing the activities on site. We were able to travel to an off-site activity here we learned the sad news that we would be leaving the Jamboree site due to many different factors which I am sure you have heard about ! We had one day to meet people from around the world and swap our UK merch, which I did successfully. We arrived back in Seoul and were put up in a hotel in the region of Myeong-dong which was pretty amazeballs. From here we were given a programme which meant we visited the Korean War Museum, Taekwondo Dojo where we met the Grand Master, a Buddhist Temple where we were filmed and were on local television, the region of Gangnam where everything costs 1000000 x what it should do and generally explored and learned about the culture. On our way home we had a 12 hour stopover in Singapore where we had a guided tour of parts of the city including Singapore gardens. It has been one heck of a trip.  Thank you so much… George.”