Pleased to meet you… Martins Golubevs….

The Leeds Association of Engineers has for many years welcomed new young members and in the last couple of years four have joined the association. We are grateful to John Aldersley for introducing these young engineers to the association. John asked for a few words by way of an introduction from them and Martins has offered the following…..


“Hello, my name is Martins and I am currently studying as an apprentice at the Leeds City College, progressing through my level 3 qualification in engineering. I have only recently joined, thanks to John Aldersley, with the other 2 apprentices, Cameron and Isaac and we have enjoyed tuning into the monthly talks that we have attended. Some hobbies of mine are playing sports like football, bouldering and going to the gym whenever I have the free time to do so. I greatly enjoy messing around on CAD and CAM software and making potential next projects. An example of this is a pen that I designed and manufactured during my own time on the manual lathe and milling machine, it gives me great satisfaction to know that I can design something and easily make it with the skills and knowledge that I have.”

I hope our older members will make these young engineers welcome when they see them at meetings. I was a similar age when I joined the association (sometime during the last century !) and remember chatting with some of the senior members who made me feel most welcome. These youngsters are our future, so please go up and have a chat when you see them at forthcoming events…..

G. Toulson – Website Editor