Thomas Green Motor Mower Parts…..

Can you help an enthusiastic restorer ?

I was contacted recently by a gentleman in Northern Ireland attempting to restore a Thomas Green motor mower. Nicholas Rogers had requested contact details for LAE member John Pease, who had written a book about Thomas Green of Leeds. I put him in touch with John…

Mr. Rogers advised that he needs to obtain or fabricate a couple of drive sprockets to replace lost parts in the chain drive system. He has been forwarded an owners manual with some exploded drawings of the parts he requires. The manual does not contain dimensioned drawings which would enable manufacture. Mr. Rogers’ investigations suggest that a Sturmey Archer 13 tooth freewheel might suit if he could confirm this. He is aware of a collector in Australia who has a similar refurbished model and would very much like to get in touch with them.

The machine is a Thomas Green Master L17 Motor Mower. If anyone is aware of somebody who might have a similar model or knows details of a collector please let me know through the ‘Contact Website Editor’ page and I will pass details to Mr. Rogers. Any information or other suggestions would be most welcome…

Thank you,

Gordon – Website Editor.