Report on the recent visit to Constar International….

Visit to Constar International – 23rd May 2013

Based in Sherburn-in-Elmet this was quite a trek for most of us but turned out to be one worth making. We were well greeted by Allison (Human Resources Manager) and taken upstairs to their meeting room.

Allison gave us a company overview before handing over to Will, the company’s Project Manager, who presented the more technical side, showing where the company is heading and the innovations he has made. It was clear these were needed to compete in this industry and that Will was committed to moving forward.

After this we split into two groups and were taken around the factory by Allison, Will and their Quality Manager, whose name I forget. Having been presented with the innovations designed by Will, we were able to see these in action. It was very impressive.

While Will took the tour around the manufacturing machinery, Allison took us around the closing and printing section. Having been told to keep clear of the beam light across the printing machine, because it would automatically cut-off, one of our members waving a plastic bottle on the end of his finger, broke the beam. Surely we are not going to let him forget this easily?

Taking into account the time of year and distance away I thought the visit was well attended. It did turn out to be one of our longest visits, not finishing until after 10:00 pm but we all retired for a drink and everyone definitely thought it was worthwhile. Our thanks to Barrie Yates for organising the event.

Andrew Kibler  –  President