Some Feedback following a Site Visit…..

It’s always good to receive feedback relating to the association and its activities and recently Malcolm Murray received a short message from Andrew Dawson, Managing Director of Siddall & Hilton, after he thanked him for allowing a visit to their facility.

Several members visited the company and must have made quite an impression showing interest and asking pertinent questions. Mr. Dawson’s message is below:-

“Hi Malcolm,

It was my pleasure, (to arrange the visit) they are a very knowledgeable group of engineers.

One thing did strike me however and I have spoken to some trade bodies about this, what an absolute waste of all that knowledge and experience, if only it could be harnessed somehow.

Kind regards,


A feather in the cap of those who attended the visit, but more important would be for us as an association to consider how to share the many years of knowledge and experience. As I mentioned at the start it is good to receive feedback and if you, the members, have any suggestions then council would be pleased to receive your feedback. Contact any council member or send your message to me using the ‘Contact Website Editor’ page from the menu above.

Thank you….