Summer Solstice Walk and Supper Report and Photos…

After a sunny start to the week the evening of Thursday 20th June turned out to be cold and drizzly.  But this didn’t put off the members and their guests who turned out for a gentle walk around Yeadon Tarn to be followed by a good old Yorkshire supper of Fish and Chips at ‘Murgatroyds’.

After the walk during which a few photographs were taken we gathered on an open grassy space for this year’s exciting competition – Frisbee Throwing !  Skill levels ranged from ‘Precision’ to ‘Pathetic’ as we each threw the frisbees aiming for a roped circle target only a few feet away.  Most of us realised that we needed a lot of practice to get anywhere near the outstanding winner, Howard Kingswell, who breezed into first place with some excellent throwing.

Appetites had grown following the walk and field athletics and so we retired to Murgatroyds for supper.  Malcolm Murray had produced a quiz all about Yeadon Tarn and handed around the quiz sheets to be completed during the meal.  Hearty portions of delicious Fish and Chips were consumed prior to prize giving.  Quiz sheets were checked and the results announced.  First prize in the quiz was received by Jane Brown whose team mate was Barrie Yates.  Howard Kingswell was presented with a prize for winning the Frisbee Competition.   Well done to the winners !

Here are some photographs taken during the evening.  Click on any picture to see a slide show.  The photographs were taken by Andrew Kibler, Gordon Toulson and Azizi Bahauddin.