Syllabi (2005 to 2010)

Except where stated all meetings were held at the University of Leeds.

2004/2005 Session.

23rd Sept Lecture by John Pease on the history of J & Mc Laren Steam and diesel Engine Manufacturers of Leeds.
12th Oct Joint visit with IEE Manufacturing Group to Landis Lund Keighley.
21st Oct Visit to the driving simulator at the Transport Studies Group University of Leeds.
18th Nov Joint Lecture with IEE by Dai Davies on problems posed by the laws of Product Liability at Village Hotel Conference Centre.
23rd Nov Lecture by Dr. Malcolm Laws of Leeds University on the engine research development work by the Thermodynamics group.
16th Dec Ladies Evening. Pre Christmas Meet for Meal.
27th Jan Visit to Kautex Ltd manufacturers of blow mouldings.
24th Feb Visit to 600 group Lathes.
25th Feb Annual Dinner.
24th Mar Lecture by Mike Fenton of Millers Oils.
26th Apr Joint meeting with IEE and I Mech. E. by Kingsley Richard on the life and works of Richard Trevithick, Cornish Engineer.
8th May Church service at St. Peters Parish Church Leeds.
26th May Visit to Triumph motor cycles. Cancelled.
14th June AGM and president’s Lecture.
30th June Golf Day at Scarcroft.

2005/2006 Session.

29th Sept Lecture by Professor Richard Taylor on sustainable energy from Wind Power.
27th Oct Visit to Skopos vintage car museum.
24th Nov Lecture by Gordon Longstaff of TEI Ltd., on Explosive Welding.
8th Dec Ladies Evening. Visit to Leeds Civic Hall.
26th Jan Lecture by Oliver Carston of Leeds University Transport Studies Group on remote speed control of vehicles.
10th Feb 140th Annual Dinner at the Allerton.
23rd Feb Visit to Bradford Industrial Museum.
30th Mar Visit to Holset Engineering, Huddersfield manufacturers of Turbo-Charges for lorry engines.
27th Apr Lecture by John Pease on Mann’s Patent Steam Cart and Wagon Company.
7th May Church Service at St. Peters Parish Church, Leeds.
25th May Visit to West Yorkshire Fire Service Control Centre.
21st June Midsummer Walk.
30th June Golf Day at Wetherby Golf Club where Brian Kelly is Captain this year.

2006/2007 Session.

29th Sept “Wheels within Wheels” a lecture by Richard Babbins about his project to build his own car.
26th Oct Visit to Denso Marston, Shipley. Cooling systems and other components for automobiles.
23rd Nov Lecture by Jaguar cars at Minster Jaguar. We were guests of I Mech E.
30th Nov Lecture by Stephen Bream and visit to IMI Cornelius on drink dispensing systems.
14th Dec Lecture by Richard Gibbon OBE restoration of SS Great Britain. Joint meeting with IEE and I Mech E.
25th Jan Visit to Wabco Automotive (UK) Ltd., Morley, manufacturers of Vacuum pumps at this site.
8th Feb Ladies Evening at Polish Catholic Club, Chapel Allerton.
22nd Feb Visit to Westex Carpets Cleckheaton.
23rd Feb Annual Dinner.
29th Mar Lecture by John Kelsall on winning the Schneider Trophy.
26th Apr AGM and Lecture by Chris Doyle on designing and construction of bridges
13th May Church service at St. Peters Parish Church Leeds.
29th June Golf Day at Leeds Golf Club.

2007/2008 Session.

27th Sept Lecture by Richard Gibbon OBE, to build a steam or diesel engine from scrap to haul a 30 ton train.
25th Oct Visit to Clearwater Collections, Bradford. Manufacture of Acrylic Baths using Vacuum Forming.
29th Nov Lecture by Mr. Frank Smith about the reconstruction of Lassell’s Telescope.
6th Dec Lecture by Mr Jack Metcalf about Thomas Chippendale, Furniture Maker.
31st Jan Visit to the Institute of Transport Studies Driving Simulator.
22nd Feb Annual Dinner.
28th Feb Lecture by Mr Stuart Ashley-Still on exhaust gas emissions analysis.
27th Mar Lecture by Dr. Simon Graindorge on how the University connects research and development with commercialisation and profit.
24th Apr President’s lecture by Mr. Barrie Yates on Ekranoplans (Wing ground effect vehicles) and AGM.
4th May Church service at St. Peters Parish Church Leeds.
22nd May Visit to U V Modular Brighouse builders of Ambulances and other PSV’s.
21st June Summer Solstice Walk Otley Chevin.
29th June Golf Day at Garforth Golf Club.

2008/2009 Session.

25th Sept Lecture by Ian Bottomley formally of the Royal Armouries Leeds on the Ionic Japanese Warrior class and their wonderful swords and armour.
30th Sept Joint meeting with IET for lecture by Dr. Dick Etheridge on using Hydrogen as the fuel of the future.
30th Oct Lecture by Dr. Lara Bond of Xeros about a revolutionary clothes washing system using a cup full of water and a few “magic” beans.
27th Nov Visit to Davy Markham, Sheffield.
29th Jan Lecture by Professor Ian Ward of Rigicom about new methods of increasing strength of plastic materials using drawn filaments of the same polymer as reinforcement.
26th Feb Lecture by Frank Smith on the Canals of North West England.
27th Feb Annual Dinner.
28th Feb Visit to Ginetta Cars, Garforth, Leeds.
7th April Joint visit with IET and I. Mech. E. to Landis Lund in Crosshills.
30th April AGM and lecture by Stuart Ashley-still of Tennaco Ltd., about Shock absorbers.
10th May Church service at St. Peters Parish Church Leeds. Followed by lunch.
28th May Visit to Aire Erosion of Stanningley. Spark and wire erosion.
17th June Golf Day at Scarcroft Golf Club.
18th June Midsummer Walk at Newmillerdam, Wakefield.

2009/2010 Session

24th Sept Lecture by Mr. Barrie Yates on Nuclear and Alternative power systems.
29th Oct “Enigma” by Harry Jackson covering the development, use and final decription of this famous German coding machine).
26th Nov Lecture by Prof. Richard Taylor about a runaway coal un-loader caught by a high wind In Liverpool.
17th Dec Lecture by Mr. Simon Murray to describe the new design of Liquid Natural Gas Carriers with slow speed diesel engines and on board re-liquification.
28th Jan Lecture by Dr Laura Bond on Chemical coatings developed by Chamilec Ltd.
25th Feb Visit to Optare plc. Manufacturers of modern and hybrid drive buses.
26th Feb Annual Dinner at Leeds 17, Allerton, Leeds.
25th Mar Talk by Harry Jackson on Second World War.
29th Apr Visit to Marshall’s plc manufacturers of ornamental paving slabs and concrete architectural parts and street furniture.
16th May Church service at St. Peters Parish Church Leeds.
27th May Ladies evening. A trip on a canal boat.
24th Jun Summer Solstice Walk.
1st July Golf Day Leeds Cobble Hall.

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