Young Engineer Award or Project Scheme

As reported in our last Journal, the award scheme for young engineers in its earlier form has been discontinued. However, we have been able recently through our Corporate members to re-introduce the prize. Awards were presented to

2006 Mr. Leigh Powell, Esq. from RWE Power International.
2007 Mr. Matt. R. Harker, Esq. from Leeds University.
2008 Mr. Andrew Wilkinson, Esq., from Carnaud Metal Box.
2009 Ms. Katie Roe from TEI Ltd.
2010 Mr. Ryan Clarkson from Davy Markham Ltd.

We have explored various schemes to encourage the development of young engineers and decided that we should support projects run for young engineers.

Barrie Yates reports on the Formula Student Racing Car Project and the car run by Leeds University. We have supported this project from 2000 to 2010 through a small financial gift. Barrie Yates keeps in regular contact with the University on a personal basis on this and other subjects.

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