Meeting Room Charges

We have held lectures at the University of Leeds for several years. Consequently, costs of room hire have been low when compared to those charged by hotels and other meeting places and so we did not consider that the meetings required external sponsorship. Your Programme Secretary arranged suitable recompense to security staff for their extra time ‘keeping the door open’ until the end of our meetings.  The association had sponsored the University’s Formula Student Racing Car for several years and it was considered that this was a form of indirect contribution for the hospitality offered by the University of Leeds.

However, a change of policy by the University of Leeds to impose new and considerably high charges for the use of the lecture room necessitated the association looking elsewhere for a suitable venue for lecture meetings. Regrettably, the car sponsorship has ceased since we decided to hold meetings at another venue.  The ‘BBA Social Club’ in Cleckheaton, now renamed the ‘REA Scandinavia Trust Meeting Hall’ was selected following a survey of members’ addresses and open discussions at lecture meetings.  It was determined to be a convenient location for the majority of members who regularly attend meetings.  Room hire here is very reasonable and cost-effective for the association.

Monthly Council Meetings are held to administer the association’s affairs and are held at The Corner House Club, Leeds, on the first Thursday of each month during session time.   A small annual charge is made for the use of a Committee Room.

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