Council Meeting Minutes – November 2020

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at 7.30pm on Thursday 12th November 2020 online.
The meeting was hosted by Mr. Kibler using the “Zoom” video conferencing application. This was necessary due to the national Covid – 19 requirements for social distancing.

1. Attendance. J. Aldersley in the chair with, I. Scholes, A. Kibler, J. Bentley, J. Shergill, M. Murray, G. Toulson, J. Burton and I. Blakeley.

2. Apologies for absence. A. Rogers, G. Roper, S. Stacey and H. Kingswell.

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. Dated 1st October 2020 were approved & signed.

4. Matters Arising. None.

5. Treasurers Report. Mr. Kibler said there was only one transaction to report, which was a subs deposit from Chris Stocks.

6. Correspondence. Mr. Murray said he would contact Chris Stocks and let him know there are no fees for this year. He will advise a refund or alternatively keep the deposit for the next year. Mr Murray said he had a phone call from Martin Pollard saying his emails are not being answered.

7. Membership. Nothing to report.

8. Current Programme. We do not have an ongoing programme due to Covid – 19 restrictions.

9. Next Session. Mr Aldersley has arranged for a contact who works at James Walkers (mechanical seals and gasket manufacturer) to give us a talk when we can re-commence lectures. He is also looking to get Leeds City College to show us around their facility. Mr. Shergill said Jayanti (from Sandvik machine tooling manufacturer) is prepared to give us another lecture when we can carry out live events.

10. Website. Mr. Toulson has posted a link to our You Tube video on the website. Nothing further to report.

11. Journal. Mr Bentley has done everything he can with the journal; he is waiting for a short article from Ms. J. Burton on being the first female council member which he will then incorporate into the journal.

12. Annual Golf Tournament. Nothing to report.

13. Annual Dinner. Mr. Kibler said nothing can be done regarding the 2021 annual dinner until next year when we can assess when the next dinner can be held.

14. Church Service. Nothing to report.

15. Meeting Rooms. Mr. Rogers has spoken to Neil (REA meeting room at Cleckheaton) who said at present there is nothing preventing us booking for next year, however there is a degree of financial uncertainty and they are not certain whether the facility will remain open. Mr. Toulson said he had tried contacting Paul (Steward at the Cornerhouse Club) but was unable to get hold of him.

Any other Business. Having no other business Mr. Aldersley closed the meeting after thanking those who attended and advising that the next virtual meeting will be on the 10th December 2020.

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