I.E.T. – Yorkshire Annual Prestige Lecture….

A message from your President – Barrie J. Yates:-

“Dear All, I have been sent this by the University of Leeds. I hope that some of our members will attend.  The development of Graphene is a great technological leap forward. I note that the Chinese have registered many patents for the use of this new exciting material.  Please just make sure that you register before the event. “
Barrie J. Yates – President – Leeds Association of Engineers
To secure your FREE place at this event, go to https://localevents.theiet.org/1f52dd and register your name. Sandwiches, cakes and drinks will be served (FREE) before the lecture (registration will help IET know how many to cater for, so please do this.)
This year, the IET Yorkshire Regional Networks Annual Prestige lecture will be held at 18:30 on 16th March at:-
The Rose Bowl
Leeds Beckett University
Portland Crescent
(See this Location Page for further details:-   Rose Bowl   Please ignore the comment ‘No events at this location‘ as this comment refers only to LAE events.)
Dr. Aravind Vijayaraghavan from The University of Manchester will be presenting a lecture entitled:-
“GRAPHENE – Unexpected science in a pencil line”
Graphene, the world’s first 2-dimensional material and the subject of the Nobel Prize winning research led by Prof. Geim and Prof. Novoselov at The University of Manchester.
Graphene has a number of superlative properties – it’s the strongest and lightest material, the best conductor of electricity and heat, etc. By a careful combination of these properties, a number of exciting applications of Graphene are being developed. Graphene coatings could replace indium-tin-oxide for the conductive layer of touch-screens in today’s devices, or form the conductive touch coating in future bendable and flexible electronic devices. Graphene can be mixed with polymers form strong and conducting composites. Graphene can even be used in biomedical applications such as drug screening and drug delivery.
Dr Aravind Vijayaraghavan is a Lecturer in Nanomaterials at The University of Manchester. He leads the Nano-functional Materials Group and his research involves the science and technology of Graphene and 2-dimensional materials, particularly for applications in composites, electronics, sensors and biotechnology.