November Lecture – Change of Access to the lecture Venue !!!

The lecture on Thursday 27th November is still to be held at the REA Scandinavia Trust Meeting Hall (our usual Cleckheaton Venue) but vehicular access may be difficult for some !
The Water Authority (without asking our permission !) have dug some nice big holes at the end of Hunsworth Lane and so at the time of writing you cannot get on to Hunsworth Lane from the A638 Cleckheaton/Bradford Road.
Anybody coming from Chain Bar will have to use the A58 signposted Leeds and then use the North entrance to Hunsworth Lane which is the B6121.
It is suggested that people coming from Batley/Dewsbury battle their way to Birkenshaw and then drop down the A58 from that end.
Please park considerately if you decide to park elsewhere on side streets and walk to the venue to avoid the roadworks.