Obituary – Leslie Holmes – LAE Member

Leslie Holmes – passed away 20th June  2017

We are sad to hear of the passing of member ‘Les’ Holmes who joined the association in March 2002, and was a regular attendee at lectures and visits.

Les was born in April 1940 in Sutton-in-Craven and attended Keighley Grammar School before becoming an apprentice at Landis Lund.  After that he had short periods of employment at various Leeds companies, eventually joining Towler Hydraulics at Rodley in 1971.  Les continued as a capable Production Planning Engineer in Rodley until his retirement.

Les was quite a character and had a pools round in Pudsey which he conducted in company with his pet ferret on a lead. His first wife Margaret passed away from heart failure on the 24th December 1997 and so he took to saving Air Miles and using them to travel to faraway places.  On one trip to Australia he was seated next to a pleasant lady, who was also on the same flight on the return journey.  From that meeting Les and Kath married in Gretna Green and he happily settled with Kath in Morecambe.  He managed to attend LAE meetings regularly, as he retained his house in Pudsey, until failing health prevented easy travel.  We extend our belated condolences to his widow and family.

The obituary has been produced by John Bentley who attended Les’s funeral in Morecambe.  John was for many years a work associate and a friend of Les….