President’s Message – 2016-2017

President’s Message – 2016/17

Seasons Greetings to all you happy band of members ! On behalf of the Council, may we welcome you all to the new season ? As you are aware I have tried to keep in touch during the holiday period by sending out some items that I thought would be of interest, to which several of you have responded to positively.

I would like to see a bit more participation from the many of you who don’t bother to turn up at out events, so again I ask you to attend and also to bring a guest with you. We are experiencing a reduction in membership, and if you care enough to keep the association going, then miss a bit of ‘telly’ and join us. We visit the local pub after the meetings for a natter and a pint. This enables new or occasional members to feel part of things and get to know other members. Several have also used this to trade with other members and this was, after all, one of the precepts of the founders 150 years ago.

Recently we have had talks by our members John Pease and Bill Jagger, both of whom did a really cracking job too ! Between us we must have some hundreds of years of experience in very diverse industries, so how about coming forward and giving us a talk ? Remember that you will be among friends so don’t worry if you have not been a performer before. Most people find that talking about their work subject is much easier that they think.

I am going to kick off the first meeting with a talk about using Thorium as a Nuclear Fuel. It’s actually a story that you may find incredulous, but it is a case of truth being stranger than fiction. So my friends, I look forward to meeting up with you on Thursday 29th September at our usual venue in Cleckheaton.

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Kind regards to all,

Barrie J. Yates, President.