Lecture on Materials at Bradford – CANCELLED…….



Due to adverse weather conditions the University of Bradford has taken the decision to cancel The Cantor Technology Lecture, due to be given by Mark Miodownik this evening, Thursday 28 February 2018.

The University of Bradford and Mark Miodownik are keen to reschedule this event and once this date has been arranged we will advise accordingly.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
We have had an invitation from the University of Bradford to a Public Lecture – “The 2018 Cantor Technology Lecture” entitled:-

“Materials for the 21st Century: What will we dream up next ?”

“Whatever people think about the rapid pace of change of technology, our most fundamental categorisation of stuff on the planet has not altered: there are living things that we call life, and there is non-living stuff that we call rocks, tools, buildings and so on. As a result of our greater understanding of matter, this distinction is now becoming blurred and is likely to usher in a new materials age. Bionic people with synthetic organs, bones and even brains will be the norm. Just as we are becoming more synthetic, so our man-made environment is changing to become more lifelike: living buildings, and objects that heal-themselves are on the horizon. This lecture reviews the changes to the material world that are coming our way.”

Date and Time:   Wednesday 28th February 2018   From 18.00 until 19.15

Location:   University of Bradford, Norcroft Centre, Bradford  BD7 1DP.

Speaker:   Professor Mark Miodownik – Materials Engineer, Broadcaster and Writer.

Registration is free and should be made online, Full information can be viewed using the following link:-   Materials Lecture Registration