Can you help a young engineer with his career search ?

One of the association’s aims has always been to help those people in need of assistance, mainly its members, but also to offer help to our fellow engineers, wherever they may reside.


Council Member and Trustee Ian Blakeley has an acquaintance whose son is an engineering graduate and is actively searching for a position. The graduate’s name is Jonathan Lane and he has recently gained an M. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from Lincoln University with a specialisation in Control Systems. He is struggling to find a job and feels that this could possibly be due to his limited CAD experience. However he is hoping to rectify this by doing a City and Guilds CAD qualification. He is prepared to work anywhere in England should the right opportunity arise.


If any members or their friends or colleagues feel that they may be able to offer assistance to Jonathan please could they contact Ian Blakeley or the Website Editor using the link in the menu above.


Jonathan has a page on the members networking site ‘LinkedIn’ where more information about him can be found and contact made via the messaging window on his page. The link to connect to Jonathan is as follows :-


Thank you for your consideration and for any assistance that might be offered.


Gordon – Website Editor – October 2023