Nuclear Power Generation – Safe for Humans ?

How safe is Nuclear Power Generation ?

There have been a number of accidents and incidents related to Nuclear Power Stations over the years and the media are quick to plaster the front pages with scaremongering stories. It’s true that there have been catastrophic environmental effects but how often are the facts about the impact on human lives published ?

The association has heard Barrie Yates on more than one occasion advocate Nuclear Power Generation and he has forwarded the following statistical article which he thought would be of interest to members.

Click this link to read the article:-    Nuclear Arguments

As a post-script Barrie added the following comments:-

“The crux of the argument for Nuclear Power Generation relies on public acceptance. The present so called safety levels are based erroneously on very obsolete data from the early bombs on Japan. Today for instance after the Fukushima ‘disaster’, the local populace was warned not to eat any vegetables grown nearby.. It was calculated that to receive a harmful dose of radiation a person would have to eat something like 1000kg in two weeks. The World relies on Electricity and the cleanest way of producing ‘BASE LOAD’ power is by Nuclear Generation.   The authoritative work on why we as a species should revise dose safety limits is to be found on a book by Prof. Wade Allison. It is called RADIATION AND REASON. Website:-

The conclusion he offers from his book is ‘It brings good news, but are people of the World ready to re-examine past assumptions in the light of current science ? It is important that they do, because without Nuclear Energy the future for Mankind looks bleak.”