2009 President's Letter : John McClarty

As I start of my term as president of the association, I would take this opportunity to thank the past president and council members for their work over the previous year. I am sure that I will have their continued support. Looking back over the year, the membership level has remained fairly stable, although there was a slight drop in … Continue reading “2009 President's Letter : John McClarty”

Management Speak!!

1. “When I worked for Verizon, I found the phrase going forward to be more sinister than annoying. When used by my boss – sorry, “team leader” – it was understood to mean that the topic of conversation was at an end and not be discussed again.” Nima Nassefat, Vancouver, Canada 2. “My employers (top half of FTSE 100) recently … Continue reading “Management Speak!!”

Home computer in 2004?

In 1950, the RAND corporation created this model to show how a home computer could look like in 2004. It was thought that a teletype interface and Fortran language it would be easy to use. So, what’s this Fortran then – is it an iPad app?

Roger Bate : Honorary Life Member of the Association

The council of the Association are pleased to announce that Mr Roger Bate has become an Honorary Life Member of the Association. Roger has been a member of the Association for many years and will be known to many of our members. Although not very active in recent years, has always been a strong supporter of the Association. Now retired … Continue reading “Roger Bate : Honorary Life Member of the Association”

Chris Burgess and Barrie Yates help students at Leeds University

During the last year, two of our members, Chris Burgess and Barrie Yates have been assisting with project work carried out by The Thermodynamics Group at Leeds University. Chris has worked in a supporting role, supplying components and metal parts which has enabled Leeds University to extend some of their research into improving the efficiency of automotive engines. Barrie has … Continue reading “Chris Burgess and Barrie Yates help students at Leeds University”