Christmas Message from the President…..

Christmas Greetings !

As the calendar year draws to a close I would like to thank members for their continued support. We have had some interesting events recently and several more are lined up in the New Year during our continuing session.

I would like to warmly welcome new members to the association and ask that you join us for some of the activities during the session. New members bring with them fresh ideas and as ever suggestions for lectures and visits are always most welcome.

We are looking forward to having a new lady member and our hope is that she will join us on the council. Although we have had lady members before it would be a first in over 153 years that we have a lady member of council. We also look forward to involvement with a major worldwide company in publicity. It is our hope that we can make a stronger bond with our long standing friends in the Keighley Association of Engineers, sharing ideas, swapping contact information for the benefit of all and especially for more socialising.

I would like to thank Reverend Sam for his continued support and for welcoming members to Leeds Minster each year for an annual service. During the council meetings we have often wondered if members would like to share with us some experiences during their careers in engineering or perhaps about a hobby or pastime. If you would like to give a talk please do not hesitate to contact any council member to arrange this in the future.

I will close by wishing you and your families and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2019.

With best wishes,

John Aldersley – President of the Leeds Association of Engineers