Report on the recent lecture: Zero Point Energy

Our Vice-President, Barrie J. Yates, gave a lecture recently entitled ‘Zero Point Energy’ and President, Andrew Kibler provides here a short report on the lecture……….


There was a distinctively relaxed atmosphere on this particular evening, possibly because Barrie is so well known and liked. Then again it might be that no one quite knew what to expect!
The title gave very little away.
It turned out to be a presentation of speculation, conspiracy and food for thought. One that I think was interesting to anyone with an open mind. The presentation focused on whether or not we can actually produce energy/power from naturally available sources, with a look back at some of the wonderful inventors and inventions that claim to have achieved this. Only to, on occasion, mysteriously disappear! You were left to form your own opinions, which led to a night of favourable discussion.
Unfortunately several people who would normally attend were on holiday, which led to a lower than expected attendance. Planned? I’ll let you decide!
My many thanks Barrie.


Andrew Kibler – President – LAE