Power for Electric Cars…..

Where do you think the power for Electric Cars should originate ?

Barrie Yates has forwarded thoughts from Sir Bernard Ingham. Sir Bernard is first and foremost a Yorkshire lad from Hebden Bridge and a graduate of the University of Bradford. He was also Margaret Thatcher’s chief press secretary.

These are some of his recent blunt observations in the Yorkshire Post, 8 January:

“There is not a blind bit of use promoting electric cars unless we can provide
clean power. And there is no mystery how to do that. It is to go nuclear. Yet
“environmentalists” are fanatically opposed to a source of clean energy that
has killed infinitely fewer people than coal, oil or gas exploration and

I fully accept that Hinkley Point nuclear power station being built by the French
EDF company is a lousy, expensive advert for atomic energy. But we pioneered
nuclear power stations that work economically and could do so again if we had
a rational energy policy.

Instead, for 30 years or more our politicians and Civil Service have pandered to
“environmentalists” with subsidised unreliable wind and solar power so that
the safety margin is far too tight for Boris Johnson’s go-ahead economy.”

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G.T.  30/01/2020