President’s Letter 2014….

President’s Letter 2014 – Andrew Kibler.

Here at the start of my second year I’m sat on the settee with my feet up wondering just what to say to all, apart from my bloody feet ache!

By now I hope to have contacted you all with a personal letter or mail but more importantly, you have replied. If not, then please take a little of your time to do so. Your feedback is very important to me.

Those of you that attended our dinner earlier in the year may remember that I asked for your engineering memories and gave a few of my own. It is something my father used to share when we were kids and we loved hearing these often funny stories.
Let’s put these memories on our website for all to share. I would love to hear some of your own, so why not put pen to paper, I’m sure we all have fond memories. Here’s some more of my own:-

When working in the Jig & Tool drawing office we had a young girl delivering the mail. My boss thought it would be fun to tell her I fancied her. Yes she was absolutely gorgeous but I was very shy. I used to wear a white coat and went so red I looked like a swan vesta!
Another time I was asked to go up to the typing pool, which was full of about 15 women. No kidding I was mentally raped.

This year we hopefully have a full programme of lectures/visits, so take a look on our website for those of particular interest to you. We are always open to your suggestions on these, so if you have any preferences please let me know. Just don’t forget your Presidents lecture on the 30th April 2015.

I’m going to continue my push with making the LAE known and visible within Leeds engineering. Hopefully this will bring in some new members. Any help you can give me here would be gratefully accepted. It’s surprising what results can be achieved if we all do a little, so why not download the LAE poster from our website and put it up somewhere!

In order to keep postage costs to a minimum could I ask those members who have not provided an e-mail address to us, to do so a.s.a.p. We can then send correspondence via this modern method.

Should anyone have any questions, suggestions or comments, then I can be contacted through our website or at and promise to answer all correspondence.

Here’s wishing you all well and let’s have a good year.

Andrew Kibler
President – Leeds Association of Engineers