Report on the ‘Quicksilver’ lecture….

Lecture Report by the President…

Having taken a long time to organise this lecture and ensure it was well advertised, the attendance was very disappointing, particularly from our members. Apart from the council members I counted only 4-5 actual members of the association. In fact we had more students attend than our own members.

With regard to the lecture it was an excellent blend of history, personal goals, enthusiasm and a will to succeed. Nigel presented his lecture through video, pictures and honest dialogue that really did make think about what can be achieved by dedicated people and good old British engineering. I for one felt a sense of British pride.
The project is still about 3 years from completion, so it was only expected that Nigel also included a certain amount of promotion for the project. These projects take a lot of funding yet Nigel has managed to achieve a great deal through companies simply offering their services.

Although there was little to see of the actual boat that will make the attempt, he was able to show the progression of scale models and design changes that have taken place. Finishing with a scale model of the final design shape shooting across a pond. We did get to see the enormous jet engine, unique framework, tank and WiFi rudder control, along with concept pictures of the finished item. I think I speak for everyone when I say good luck Nigel, let’s bring that record back home.

The LAE presented a cheque for £200 and collected another £30-£40 on the day, all of which Nigel was extremely grateful for. My thanks go to all those who made the effort to come to this lecture and for your contributions.

We talked to Nigel during and after the lecture where Nigel expressed a view to come back nearer the time of completion. This is something that we should definitely consider.

A. Kibler – President – LAE

Quicksilver Craft Complete