November Lecture – Change of Access to the lecture Venue !!!

The lecture on Thursday 27th November is still to be held at the REA Scandinavia Trust Meeting Hall (our usual Cleckheaton Venue) but vehicular access may be difficult for some !   The Water Authority (without asking our permission !) have dug some nice big holes at the end of Hunsworth Lane and so at the time of writing you cannot get … Continue reading “November Lecture – Change of Access to the lecture Venue !!!”

‘Quicksilver’ Corporate Club Events….

The President has had correspondence from Nigel MacKnight of the ‘Quicksilver’ Project………….  Greetings LAE Members,  Please could you inform your fellow Leeds Association of Engineers members that we have three Corporate Club events coming up – any of which they are very welcome to attend and they can invite their own guests as well !  The dates set are 6th … Continue reading “‘Quicksilver’ Corporate Club Events….”

Keighley Association of Engineers – 114th Anniversary Dinner…..

Members of the Leeds Association of Engineers have been invited to join our good friends the Keighley Association of Engineers to celebrate their 114th Anniversary at a dinner to be held on Friday 25th April.   (Full details are on their dinner form…) ‘Keighley Engineers’ have supported us at our annual dinners for many years and it would be a good … Continue reading “Keighley Association of Engineers – 114th Anniversary Dinner…..”

Report on the recent lecture: Zero Point Energy

Our Vice-President, Barrie J. Yates, gave a lecture recently entitled ‘Zero Point Energy’ and President, Andrew Kibler provides here a short report on the lecture……….   There was a distinctively relaxed atmosphere on this particular evening, possibly because Barrie is so well known and liked. Then again it might be that no one quite knew what to expect! The title … Continue reading “Report on the recent lecture: Zero Point Energy”