The Future of Nuclear Energy…..

Barrie Yates is a member of the lobbying group ‘Supporters of Nuclear Energy’ and he has kindly sent this message and a link to an article which members will find interesting….

“Greetings friends, here is an up to date overview on the future of Nuclear Energy.  The introduction by James Lovelock is of interest. He is 100 years old and still active. He was the scientist whose electron capture detector ultimately assisted in discoveries about the persistence of CFCs and their role in stratospheric ozone depletion.”

“The author of this article is Professor Wade Allison. He is an unbiased promoter of nuclear. His expertise is in the field of Nuclear Medicine rather than the commercial and engineering aspects. As Britain plc seems intent to follow its descent into being a third world country, the only way to avoid this is for all of us to get into contact with our MPs. As sensible engineers we should insist that the country’s energy strategy majors on Nuclear rather than the wasted efforts in other so called Green Technologies. If we are to run our electric cars we will need even greater amounts of Nuclear Electricity!  Please do contact your MP. This can be done by email if you are shy about meeting face to face. Below is the link the article…..”